Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slower Than A Turtle

This week was a bit more busy because we have to add puppy school to our schedule now. Tuesday's four miler was tough because I had a lot of side stitches. It was pretty rough but I got through it very, very, very slowly. 

Thursday's run was disappointing because of my time. I feel great, but my times seem to get slower and slower. I also noticed that the right side of my shin on my left leg has been bothering me a bit. I'm hoping it will go away soon.

Thursday was puppy school at Bone Voyage and it went pretty well. We learned sit, lay down, come and stay (well, we use "wait"). Sammy lost interest in class about thirty minutes in, but he was at least polite about it. He didn't whine or bark, he either sat or walked around. 

Saturday was my eight miler and I did it at Shelley Lake. I was surprised how much easier the route was for me, probably because I've been training at the monstrous Umstead Park which is a hilly nightmare. I felt really good, but again, I was disappointed in my time. I always feel so much faster than my time is. I feel slower than a turtle, but again, I'm finishing it.

After I ran, I sat down and iced my knee and my shin. Matt is nice enough to make me a ham and cheese omelette after I run and it really fills me up. I always finish with my Promised Land chocolate milk, which makes my running all worth it. 

I've been to quite a few nutritionist through the years, but have yet to find one that I've really liked. I really want one that runs and understands the whole marathon craziness. So, I did some research and read about Nancy Clark a nutritionist that runs! Plus, Jeff Galloway wrote the foreword of her book, "Nancy Clark's Food Guide For Marathoners" and I really respect Galloway's opinion. So, far I've learned a lot and even though Matt doesn't agree, I'm going to need to eat some more carbs. I mean carbs from healthy sources, not just from ice cream and chips -haha. I think I'm going to try and work in whole wheat bagels and oatmeal during the week.

I've got seventeen miles ahead of me this week and I'm finally going to aim for one day of strength training. I've got a nice arm, leg and ab routine that should take me about thirty minutes. I finally finished Meb's book and really want to work on stretching too, but I'm going to wait until next week to focus on that. 

Finally, congrats to Kristin Grimes for winning the FiveOneFive Sign! Special thanks to Adam from FiveOneFive Signs, it was great working with him. Make sure you check out his signs and treat yourself or a running buddy to one!

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  1. You are most definitely NOT slower than a me!! Way to go on getting out there and hitting your miles regardless of what the clock says about time when you're done. You're doing it, girlie!!! Celebrate the miles!!!

    And I'm so excited about the medal hangar!!! I contacted him via FB and got a very quick response. I chose Antique White with Brown lettering that will go so nicely with the colors in my home office/workout room. I can't wait to share the pics with you once I get it!!