Sunday, June 25, 2017

Grip Shield Review

I have tried almost all of Medi-dyne/2 Toms anti-chafing anti-blister products and have had great experiences with them. My all time favorite product is Sport Shield Towelettes because they saved me from dropping out of the NYC marathon. I had horrible chafing while training for NYC and I haven't chafed since using the towelettes. I obviously put it on before I run or walk and then I put the towelette in my bra so I can keep it handy if a hot spot comes up.

Another great product is Foot Shield and I use that most days because it helps keep your feet dry and order free throughout the day. You can use it for all types of shoes including boots, sandals, and with or without socks. Shake well and then roll on the bottom of your feet, including between your toes. The formula contains tea tree and other essential oils, helps prevent athlete's foot and fast drying. It isn't sticky and smells minty.

This time around I got a sample of Grip Shield to try and I was kinda bummed. When I was going to the gym, I was constantly using the rowing machine and always got blisters. I would've benefited from Grip Shield then 100%. I quit the gym because I had hypothyroid flare and I wasn't going often enough. Then, my knee flared up and had to go to the orthopedic because I thought I would need that knee replacement. Thankfully, I don't need the replacement yet but I'll be getting five injections in my knee over a five week period that will help my stability. Anyway, I felt better after a cortisone shot, so I decided to use Grip Shield while doing yoga on my CopyCat Yoga Mat. Whenever I did yoga my hands got sweaty, I felt nervous because I felt my knee might slip, or worse my hands would slip and face plant on my mat.

You just put a bit in your hand and rub all over your hands, palms and wrists. Air dry for about fifteen seconds and you are good to go. You can reapply as needed. It dries quickly and dries clear with no residue or flaking.  I also use it on my feet and toes to prevent slipping. The only complaint that I have is the smell. It isn't strong, but it smells of alcohol in the bottle. When it dries on my hands it smells odd as well, but can't pinpoint it. The smell wouldn't prevent me from using the product at all because it does work great! No slipping or sliding and I feel confident using it with my knee.

You can use Grip Shield inside gloves which is a bonus. Grip Shield can be used in many sports including rowing, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, rugby, bowling, cycling, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, skiing, and yoga. Plus you could benefit from Grip Shield if you need a firm strong grip on the job, for example if you are a mechanic or have an industrial job. Athletes and anyone who works with their hands will benefit from Grip Shield.

You can try Grip Shield or any other Medi Dyne/2Tom product and use my 20% discount code for 20% off every order. Just enter code AJH20 to receive your discount. Feel free to share with friends and family!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Angels Among Us 5K 2017

On Saturday, our team "Take That, Tumors!" participated in the Angels Among Us 5K at Duke. We have been participating in the event since 2011 and have raised a total $9,313 over those years.

Take That, Tumors!

This year my husband, Matt, designed our shirts and they came out fantastic, unfortunately, we almost didn't get them. A few weeks ago, we ordered our shirts through our usual company and received an order confirmation and that the order was paid for by our two sponsors, Matheson Law Office and Healin' Feelin' Therapeutic Massage. On Thursday at 4am, I woke up and realized that our shirts hadn't come in. I got up panicked and went to my email and checked for shipping info anywhere in my emails. My heart dropped as I realized there was none. I immediately emailed them with my concerns because I got the order confirmation that they were paid for. When I got to work on Friday, I called the company a couple times and left messages, but no response. Thankfully, my friend Julie helped me by emailing and calling local businesses to see if anyone could help us get our shirts done in less than twenty four hours. 

We got a call from Susan from Custom Screen Printing LLC and she was unable to do it to herself because of a family matter, but she helpfully referred us to Janine at Signworx . I cannot stress how much these two women helped us out! They were in constant contact with us to get these shirts done on time, and on a Friday no less. Amazingly, Signworx finished the shirts about 6:30pm that evening and we were able to wear them to the race proudly. The shirts came out fantastic and we got tons of compliments. 

Our team and I are truly grateful for the hard work and determination of these two women and their staff. They calmed us down and assured us it would all work out. It shows me that people in this world are still willing to help others and will take that extra step to for success. It also convinces me that shopping local is the best option hands down. We look forward to working with them in the future and hope you will use them for your printing needs as well. They also provide a ton of other products for business and advertising needs. 

We also want to thank our sponsors, Matheson Law Office and Healin' Feelin' Therapeutic Massage. Matheson Law Office has been sponsoring us since the beginning, back in 2011. This year was Healin' Feelin' Therapeutic Massage first year sponsoring us. We appreciate their support and hope you will check out their Facebook pages. 

Here are a few other pictures from the event and we hope you will donate or join our team next year! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Running Safety

Running safety has always been important to me, but it was especially important when I was training for the NYC Marathon. Like most people I and have other things to do while training for a marathon, and training can be very time consuming. I work eight to ten hours a day, so it was tough to figure out a good time to run.

I’m a morning person so I decided to get up insanely early to run before work. I actually had to get up extra early because I’m such a slow runner. During the weekdays, my alarm went off at 4:45am and I blearily headed out in the dark. My town is safe but you never know what can happen even in daylight. So, let’s recap:

I was running alone

I was running in the dark

I was running on some roads with no street lights

So, obviously running with a friend or group in the daylight with your phone is my best advice, but if you are like me, I had to make extra safety precautions.  First, I mapped out my route and had my husband put an app on my phone so he could track me in real time. Second, I bought bright and reflective running clothes so I could be seen from Mars. My running shoes had reflective spots and I also added reflective Shwings. I purchased a TigerLady (use code HAUGHTIGER for 20% off your order), a small hand held self defense claw, that I wore looped around my wrist. If you have a home security system, like SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System, check with them to see if you can control the system from your phone so you can easily activate the panic button if needed on your run. Lastly, I bought a headlamp and as dorky as I felt and looked, it was essential while running in the dark for obvious reasons. I could see objects that might trip me up or an animal lurking around, and drivers were able to see me about a quarter a mile away. 

You are never 100% safe while running, but there are things you can do to be as safe as possible. Let people know where you are going and when you will be back, be visible to cars, and be aware of your surroundings.

Happy running and stay safe! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The StretchRite

As an ambassador for Medi-dyne, I'm fortunate to be able to try their some of their products. I'm a huge fan of the Sports Shield Anti-Chafe Towelettes and my plantar fasciitis is essentially gone since using the ProStretch. It actually worked so well that recently I gave it to a friend whose boyfriend has been having severe ankle pain for years.

The product I chose this time around to try was the StretchRite. Why you ask? Well, because I cannot touch my toes, I honestly don't remember when I ever could! I grew up dancing ballet, tap, and jazz for about fifteen years and was always the most inflexible one. Ridiculously embarrassing.

I don't look particularly graceful either.....

When I started up running again in 2009, I was even worse shape. I hadn't done any type of exercising in years and I certainly wasn't stretching. I had always heard different arguments about stretching before and after a run, so after awhile I just stopped doing it. The only time I did stretch was when I was injured and if I'm being honest, even doing it then was rare. 

So, I truly hate stretching. I'm lazy, I get bored and I don't feel like I ever make any progress. I think the closest I've come to touching my upper shins (that's right, just a bit below my knees) was when I took yoga for a couple months while training for the NYC marathon. I am a firm believer that my legs are too long and my arms are too short. 

So, when I got the StretchRite in the mail I was excited to try it. I read the insert and it was super helpful. It has a coaching guide that shows which stretches are best for specific sports and for general fitness. It also has three grips so adjusting the tension is simple and you can easily see your progress. The strap and hand grips are strong and non-elastic. Being as inflexible as I am, I was a bit hesitant but there are some easy and comfortable stretches for me to try. 

I have obviously been working on touching my toes, but you can use the StretchRite on your hamstrings, ankles, inner thighs, hips, calves, shins, buttocks, lower back, quads, IT band, shoulders, chest, rotator cuffs, and deltoids. It helps relieve tightness, helps prevent injury, and recover from your workouts faster. 

The StretchRite would be beneficial for anyone looking to increase flexibility, student athletes, dancers, runners, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully, in the upcoming months I'll be touching my toes.....or least my lower shins-haha! 

So, check out StretchRite and Medi-dyne's other great products. Take advantage of my 20% discount and use code: AJH20 at checkout. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Make Up Must Haves

I LOVE make up and skincare and always wondered what my friends must have products are. So I asked a few of them and had them write up what their favorite products are and why. Let's get started!

Sara's must haves are L'Orรฉal BB Cream and Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.

I wear this everyday over my moisturizer and under my foundation. It comes out light in color but as soon as you put it on, it adapts to your skin tone. It is very light weight on your skin too- I have been using it for years and absolutely love it! On lazy low key days, I'll wear this alone with a bit of mascara and feel good. :)

I have tried many mascaras over the years and this is by far my favorite. I have very short, light colored lashes and this mascara really makes my lashes noticeable. This combined with the BB Cream is a great low key look. This mascara only comes in black but I don't find it overpowering at all. As an added plus, you can also use the Perversion Primer beforehand for that extra volume. ( I am not wearing the primer in the pic)

Andrea's beauty must have is It Works body wrap.

My beauty must have is the body applicator from It Works!. Also known as a wrap, this must have tightens, tones and firms my trouble spots. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite. Between having a kid and losing 70 pounds I definitely have a few trouble spots. Using the wrap helps to tone and tighten those areas. Do you have a function coming up that you need to look fabulous for? Using the It Works! wraps can help you look and feel your best. If you are interested in It Works, you can go to her website. 

Kathy's must haves are Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, Rodan & Fields AMP MD roller and Redefine Night Renewing serum, and water.

I've used Clean & Clean advantage acne spot treatment for years. I still get at least one monthly pop up pimple and this nips it in the bud. I can't be without it.

I've been using Rodan & Fields AMP MD roller and Redefine Night Renewing serum for at little over a year and I love them. Although I haven't seen amazing results with other R & F products, these are worth the splurge. I notice a difference in my skin tone and texture when I use them and even more so when I don't use them. For me, they are worth the money.

Even with all my faves, without proper hydration, I don't feel like my skin looks it's best. I'm not always good about staying hydrated but I know it's my skin's best ally. Water is essential. 

Natalie's must have is Jamberry nail wraps.

My must have beauty product is Jamberry! The easy to apply nail wraps, available in over 300 colors and patterns, make me feel polished and put-together. I love that they are inexpensive and don't require a lengthy trip to the salon. Nail art is something I would never have had done because my nails chip within hours and then just look a mess. With the wraps I get an awesome manicure that lasts about 2 weeks! I also like that Jamberry lacquers and gel polishes are 5-free, free of the five most common chemicals in standard polish. The gel system also uses LED instead of UV light. The kit has everything you need to get the perfect gel manicure without ever leaving home. I can always find the perfect wrap or color to suit my mood and I never have boring nails! Check them out here at my website

My favorite changes frequently, but right now I have to choose Butterfly Bliss!

Julie's make up must have is L'Orรฉal Voluminous mascara. 

I have tried a ton of different types, both super expensive and super cheap, and I always come back to this one! If I wear no other makeup I put this mascara on and I feel made up and just a little prettier.

Christine is Younique presenter and her must haves at Younique's Detoxifying Mask and Instant Firming Serum.

My name is Christine Crawford and ever since I turned 30 I have been looking for better skin care products. I want products that show results but aren't expensive!!! I found two that I cannot brag enough about and think every woman should check out!
The first one is Younique's Detoxifying Mask. With my sensitive skin this was perfect. It's 100% chemical free and hypoallergenic. It only takes 5 minutes! You just dab some warm water in your face, apply this mask and let it sit for a few minutes! The mask will foam and lightly make tiny bubbles while it's working, it tickles and feels like unicorn kisses lol! The main ingredient is bamboo charcoal, and it absorbs all of the impurities from under your skin and brings it all to the surface so when you wash your face you wash away all the toxins and crud that had been hiding under your skin. It also exfoliates all the dead skin cells so when you wash the mask off,
Your skin will feel like a million bucks! It's only $49 which is so much cheaper than some I had tried from Sephora!
The second skin care product I think is a must have is Younique's Instant Firming Serum! Also made from all natural ingredients this product does what it says.. Once you apply it to your skin within 10 minutes it begins to tighten and firm fine lines and wrinkles! I have been using it every morning and night and I have noticed some of the results are becoming permanent ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Like I said at age 36, I want to stop the aging process in anyway I can! The serum is $65 and worth every penny! I looked into one that Rodan and Fields sold but it was wayyyyy more expensive than that. Both products you can't find in stores but you can get from my website!

Dwania's skincare must have is the Is Clinical line. 

I love Is Clinical Line because you get fast results with this product. It's a pharmaceutical grade skin care line that has instant and long term effects on anti aging. Contact Family Wellness Clinic for a consult to find out what products you would benefit from.

Vennessa's must have is Boots Simply Sensitive Refreshing Gentle Toner.

As someone barely clinging to her mid-30s, I decided I really needed to start doing more for my face than just washing it at night. Specifically, I wanted to add toner to my wash/moisturize regimen, but I wanted something affordable that I didn't have to go a specialty store to find. My skin is normal, so I was looking for something light and not to astringent-like. I found Boots Simply Sensitive Refreshing Gentle Toner at Target for less than $7! My skin feels so fresh after using this. It doesn't dry me out like other toners have, and it feels clean.

Venessa right after using Boots Toner

Angie's must have product is the itCosmetics CC+ cream.

About a year ago my friend Jen told me about the itCosmetics CC+ cream. I had tried about every foundation that I could get my hands on that I could afford and always found an issue with it. Color never matched right, way to thick or thin, made my face greasy etc. I tried the CC+ color correcting full coverage cream 1 time and that was it! I was hooked and have worn it on a daily basis ever since. I'm fair skinned so of course I went with the fair shade and it matched my skin perfectly. I can wear just that and absolutely no other make up and you can't tell I have anything on. It covers my red splotches that most people don't even know that I have. Through the years I've never thought about SPF coverage let alone anti-aging products but I don't really have to worry about it now because this has it in it! 
Angie's left side has CC+ cream and right side doesn't

Finally, my must have beauty products are Front Row Cosmetics Concealer and Quebella's moisturizing gel eye masks.

Front Row Cosmetics concealer is the best concealer that I have ever tried. It goes on smooth, covers evenly and blends beautifully. It is perfect for covering up my under eye circles and blemishes. Melissa at Front Row Cosmetics matched my skin to concealer 2 perfectly! Melissa will help you color match if you email her two pictures to 

Quebella's moisturizing gel masks are fantastic. They are super hydrating helps visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plus I've noticed brightening around my eyes. I've tried a few of their masks and thought they are great as well. I'm really looking forward to their new intense hydrating seaweed hydrol gel mask coming soon to Target near you.

What are your beauty must haves? 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

10 Great Gifts For Athletes

The holiday season if once again upon us and if you are like me, you struggle with what to get your loved ones. I always want my gift to be well received, but I look for other details as well, for example, can I get it from a local business? Is it made in the USA? Would it be useful to them? Would they even want it? No wonder people say the holidays are stressful!

I picked out ten gifts that I think your favorite athlete would enjoy and secretly won't return behind your back.

Five1Five Signs

I stumbled on Five1Five Signs medal holders a couple years ago and am a huge fan. Their signs are unique because they are hand painted carved wood signs, not just vinyl letters like most other signs. I have one in my office and I have given out a few as gifts and people really love them. These signs aren't just for runners, but for swimmers, gymnasts, triathletes and more. Contact Andy and you can have it personalized so your favorite athlete can hang their medals proudly!


When I was a runner, I would do the majority of my running in the dark by myself, especially when the time changed in November. I was ALWAYS decked out head to toe in reflective gear, lights, and bright colors, but all that gear wouldn't have saved me from an attacker. Tiger Lady is safety at your fingertips. It is small, light weight, and needs no batteries or charging. I had no issues running with it and it made me feel A LOT safer no matter where I was. I carry it when I'm not running as well so instead of holding onto my phone in my hand, I replaced with a Tiger Lady. No one coming up to attack me would suspect that I had a self defense claw in my hand. To activate the three claws, all you have to do is close your hand and make a fist. The retractable claws protrude between your knuckles ready to meet your attacker. I feel confident and very Wolverine-like when I have my Tiger Lady. You can use my discount code HAUGHTIGER for 20% off!


The RangeRoller is no joke. It gives you a a deep massage that wouldn't believe! The roller gets in the inner and outer layers of muscles and tissue to help break up and eliminate scar tissue, increase circulation and is effective getting out those nasty knots from just about anywhere. My husband, myself and even our dogs love it!

Road ID

I think Road ID is probably the number one item that every athlete should have because it can save your life. They make these bracelets for adults and children and they make them in a variety of styles and colors. Your personal and medical information can be accessed from medical personnel through their website. They will be able to access your emergency contacts, your doctors, insurance information, medications, allergies, surgeries, and so much more. You can go online and update it anytime you want. If you don't have one, GET ONE! It will give you and your loved ones piece of mind when you are out on the roads.

CopyCat Yoga Mat

I came across the Copycat Yoga Mat on Etsy and I thought this was such a cool product. I was a disaster at yoga and never knew where to put my hands and feet for poses. I'd feel frustrated and miss instructions on breathing or other information. In class, I felt self conscious and I think this mat will really help adults and children learn yoga with confidence. Not only does the mat show foot and hand placement, but it shows different poses like Triangle and Halfmoon. The mat is non toxic, eco friendly, phthalate and latex free, SGS tested and certified. It is extra thick (1/4" which is twice as thick than a standard yoga mat), extra long (72" x 24" which is 4" longer than a standard yoga mat) and self adjusts to work with any height.

Pro-stretch Plus

If your favorite athlete complains of achilles tendonitis, ankle pain, back pain, calf strain and tight calf muscles, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ball of foot pain, tight hamstring pain, IT band syndrome, and/or shin pain, then the Pro-stretch Plus is going to help them. It helps give you an effective and comfortable stretch that will help prevent future injuries. You are going to save them so much pain, aggravation, and frustration, plus YOU won't have to hear them keep complaining about their pain every time you talk to them. It's a win-win!


I came across the Shwings a few years ago and immediately fell in love with them. They have over 150 styles in all different colors and will make all your shoes look unique and fun! They have wings, lighting bolts, skulls, butterflies, and even mustaches! They have been featured in magazines such as InStyle, UsWeekly, Parents and more. They are a perfect stocking stuffer for kids and adults of all ages. I have three pairs myself!

"The Long Run" by Matt Long

I'm constantly talking about Matt Long and his inspiring book, "The Long Run". While bike riding, Matt was hit by a twenty ton bus making an illegal turn and his bike "sliced him open like a can". He needed sixty eight units of blood 10 hours after the accident and was in the hospital for five months. Every bone in his left leg was broken, the right side of his pelvis was shattered, as well as his right shoulder and severed multiple arteries. He would endure over forty operations and the doctors weren't even sure he would walk again, let alone compete. Matt's book describes his intense and painful recovery and how he was able finish the NYC marathon three years after the accident. This story is incredible and I'm not lying when I say that I read it at least once a year.

 2Toms Sports Shield Towelette

Ah, chafing, every runners nightmare. Since I was bigger runner I had lots of chafing issues and after a particular run while training for the NYC marathon last year, I realized BodyGlide wasn't going to cut it. As I silently screamed in agony in the shower after a long run, I decided to try some new products. I came across 2Toms Sports Shield Towelettes during a Runchat, looked at their products and decided to try their towelettes and roll on. Since I've tried them, I haven't had any chafing issues.  NOT ONE. I'm particularly fond of the towelettes because they are small and portable. I had been known to unwrap one and stick it down my bra for long runs just in case I've missed a spot.

BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

I actually won a pair of these BackBeat Fit headphones and I'm a huge fan. When we joined Rex Wellness Center earlier this year, I wanted a pair of wireless headphones because my wires kept getting caught on the machines and weights, it drove me crazy. It was easy hooking them up with my phone so I was happily watching Parks and Rec while on the bike or listening to JT while using the weight machines.  I found they were easy to use, comfortable and the sound is fantastic. It definitely drowns out crying babies and overly talkative adults on airplanes.

What is on your wishlist this year? 

*This blog was originally written for Medi-Dyne as a guest blogger.  All my opinions are my own. 

Enell: Unshakable!

Many of you may know that I am an Enell Ambassador. Enell is the ONLY bra that keep my DD's under control. I got desperate while training for my half marathons and my marathon and spent a lot of money on sport bras that just didn't cut it. I came across Enell in one of my running magazines and decided to try it out. They are comfortable, available in a wide range of sizes, come in some great colors, and prevent my boobs from knocking me out when I'm working out.

Enell has an empowering campaign going on now. It is called UNSHAKABLE and they are celebrating with a bunch of giveaways for everyone.  ENELL's new UNSHAKABLE campaign is just in time to show the world exactly who we are as women and just who they are dealing with. We are unshakable!” says ENELL founder Renelle Braaten. “We are a strong formidable force, no question. And so is the ENELL bra.”

Here is what the UNSHAKEABLE campaign entails:

  • Giveaways: Throughout the month of November, there will be a set of Unshakable-themed giveaways of ENELL SPORT bras and Limited Edition t-shirts. There are multiple entry methods across the ENELL social media accounts and on, encouraging women to share why they’re UNSHAKABLE. Want to enter to win, head here

  • Free Shipping: ENELL is offering free shipping through 11/30/16 on their top-of-the-line ENELL SPORT and LITE bras at using code “Unshakable”
So, head over to the Enell website, find your fit and order one today! I have the sports bras in white, black and biscay green. The newest color, Rock It Red, is next on my list to buy!  They have some fantastic colors and more importantly, they are comfortable! 

Don't worry about suffocating during yoga class:

Stop wearing two sports bras: 

Don't worry about painful bouncing and holding your boobs when running:

Check out Enell and let me know what you think! 

What makes you UNSHAKEABLE?