Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One Week Gluten Free

I have been officially gluten free for a week and I gotta say, I hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be. It definitely has had it's moments, but thank goodness my mocha frappe is gluten free. I've tried a few gluten free products and recipes and most have been great. Matt has been a huge help trying to find stuff that I can eat. The recipes I have tried are:

OK, the coconut bars were shit. I pretty much scrape off the coconut and eat the chocolate. Plus they were a total pain in the ass to make.

The taco bake was really good and I would definitely have it again. Matt says it was easy to make, so that's plus. I'm looking forward to leftovers this week. 

The Chex Scotchereroos were kinda a pain to make too, but they are really good and filling. I didn't add the butterscotch bc I don't like butterscotch, but it was good and I'll (well, ok , Matt) will probably make it again. 

I also tried Dominos gluten free pizza and it was really good. The cons are that they are only ten inches and costs approximately  $10.49 and in my opinion you have to order double cheese, and they are obviously smaller pieces. The pros are that it was delicious and I really enjoyed it! 

Image: www.sogoodblog.com
I also tried Wow Chocolate Chip Cookies that I found at Target thanks to a suggestion for a my friend, Danielle. They were different for sure, but they were good. They were soft and chewy.

We tried gluten free spaghetti and it was so good, I'm definitely a big fan! Matt did a great job and I gobbled it in seconds! 

I did really great this week, and I'm not going to lie I wasn't excepting to do so well. I definitely feel better, but I noticed two issues. Now I am taking Saxenda shots daily and I think those issues are coming from the shots. Hopefully they will go away soon. The issues I'm having are insomnia, nausea, and headaches. They are not horrible enough to stop the medications, but definitely annoying. I was in bed most of the day today in the dark.

Unfortunately, I haven't been to the gym since Sunday, so I've got to get on that this week. I think I was little distracted since I was dealing with the whole gluten free deal. I'm thinking about trying a yoga class from at Rex Wellness and see if I like it. 

My lipsticks were a lot of fun this weekend, but I definitely have a LONG way to go before I perfect any eye makeup. I LOVED every color this week. I was especially surprised with a brand I haven't tried yet call Rimmel. It truly stayed on while I was eating messy wings! Super impressed! 

Remmel:  Kiss Fatal 

KylieCosmectics: Kristen

ColourPop in Beeper

ColourPop in Clueless

I've have some more looks and swatches this week from ColourPop Tie Dye collection and FrontRow Cosmetics lipsticks and glosses on my Instragram (JenHaught) and on my blog next week.

I also went to FrontRow Cosmetics shop this weekend and it is so cozy and inviting! Go check them out but be careful where you park, because I got a damn parking ticket! 

Address: 14 Glenwood Ave #25, Raleigh, NC 27603

The Rio Olympics are finally here and I'm loving it! I love watching track and field, the marathon, gymnastics, swimming...pretty much everything! It is so fun cheering on Team USA! I have been following a lot of them on Snapchat and it is really cool to see the behind the scenes and their experiences! Good luck to all our athletes! 

Image: en.wikipedia.org

Finally, I tried to end my blog with some pictures of Jager and Sammy because they are adorable!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Three G's: Gluten Free, Graves and A Giveaway

I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't blogged in a bit. I think the biggest news is that I got my three month assessment from Rex Wellness and my labs from Dr. Tank's office and they weren't great. My fitness assessment was pretty much a bust. My body mass index, body fat and skinfolds have significantly increased. All my measurements increased, except for my waist which shrunk three and a half inches.

I had a lot of blood work done at Family Wellness Clinic and Regenesis MD and it included an extensive cholesterol panel. My cholesterol is the highest it has ever been at 287.  In fact, majority of the panel is bad. My fasting glucose in elevated at 107 which still puts me in the pre diabetic phase. The labs are very eye opening and I wasn't expecting those results at all. 

Some of you may know that I have Graves disease and was diagnosed about ten years ago. I have struggled with the symptoms of hyperthyroid (exhausted raging skinny bitch) and hypothyroid (depressed overweight bitch) on and off for years. It is a total pain in the ass to deal with because I'm always bouncing back and forth and trying to keep my labs stable. I've been on two thyroid meds to control my levels for awhile now, now we are trying a new medication. After talking to Dr. Tank, she recommended that I try going gluten free. 

Honestly, at first I thought she was joking, but as the conversation continued I realized that she was not.  She was dead serious and I started to panic....internally of course. 

I left very overwhelmed, but in a good "Oh, my god. Do M&M's have gluten in them?!" way. It is nice to have a doctor who values your health and cares about your well being. So, starting tomorrow, I'll be gluten free and see where it takes me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be googling "Does _______ have gluten in it?" a lot. 

So, I have a nutrtionist appointment tomorrow with Shelly at Rex Wellness and have a new gym routine planned. I'll be going to the gym two days on and then one day off. I know how to use all the machines now, so I have a lot of different routines so I'm not doing the same thing all the time. I'm also going to make it a goal to attend two different classes in August as well. Hopefully, I can get in some pretty decent shape and lose the weight for good this time. 

I have been trying out lots of new lip shades and I have been posting them on Instagram (JenHaught). I'm not going to post them all here because I wear something different everyday, but here are a couple. 

I've been loving ColourPop because they have great quality makeup at an even better price. The Ultra Mattes have been said to be pretty much the same as Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie has come out with an eyeshadow palette ($52 shipping/tax included) that I do like, but $54 for nine colors? I looked online and there is a similar palette (shown below) by Carli Bybel that is only $14.50. I personally can't vouch for the quality, but according to the reviews of others it is rated five out of five stars. I can't lie and say I'm not excited for her birthday themed makeup. I'l totally in love with the cream shadow in Rose Gold and her new matte shade Leo. 

Image: www.beautygala.com

According to Cassydaraiche on Instagram here are the prices for Kylie's new limited edition birthday products:

Don't forget that you have til tomorrow at midnight to enter my HaughtMakeup Giveaway. Just go to my Instagram (JenHaught) and go to my original giveaway post from 7/25/16, repost, tag two friends and tell me your number one makeup item/beauty product on your wishlish. If you follow me on Snapchat (JenHaught79), you still have some time to get a extra entry or two before the giveaway ends. I'll be annoucing the winner on 8/3/16. US Residents only and winner will be picked at random.

So, that's it for now! Wish me luck on my gluten free adventure! 


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cardio Sucks, Makeup Rocks

I made it to the gym three times this week and it was great. I was able to add ten pounds of weight to my abs, triceps, and quads. My issue hasn't been get my strength training in, it is always cardio. Urgh, cardio is the worst. I switch my cardio up with the elliptical, stationary bike, and the rowing machine. I feel like it takes FOREVER. Thankfully, re-watching 30 Rock has helped the time go by faster, but urgh, cardio sucks. Anyone else loathe cardio?

My goals this week is to get to the gym four days and on that fourth day I want to focus on trying to like cardio-haha! I'm also on working on increasing my protein and veggies. 

I was able to try a lot of my ColourPop colors I got and pretty much loved all of them. I have another order on the way, so stay tuned for those. I'm going to be trying their four mini glosses this week. I think I also found the best mascara for me, thank goodness. The ELF formula isn't super thick or sticky and it doesn't clump my lashes together.  Plus, it is only TWO DOLLARS! 

I Heart This (Matte)

LLB (Matte)

Scoorge (Matte)
Lady (Matte)
More Better (Matte)
My New Favorite Mascara by ELF

This weekend Matt's parents came in and we had a nice weekend. We ate some BBQ, went to Joanne Fabric's and I got some super cute bandanas for the pups. I also started looking on Pinterest for a new sewing project because I found a disney princess fabric I love. I'm thinking of trying to sew a cosmetic bag. 

Taking pictures of dogs is NEVER easy for us and thankfully the dogs sat pretty well for Matt's mom. They didn't sit as well for Matt and me.

I'm doing a giveaway starting tomorrow and I hope you will enter. So you can win all these Medi-dyne and 2Toms products below by posting on Twitter or Instagram why is it important for you to stay in shape OR why you want start getting in shape with the hashtage #haughtsummer
Check out my Snapchat (JenHaught79) tonight to get the inside info on how to get better chance to win! 

US Residents Only

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pretty Uneventful Week

This week was pretty uneventful. I got to the gym three days this week and aiming for four this week. I'm definitely getting stronger which is awesome, I just wish I could see the results when I put on my clothes. It is frustrating, but we have to schedule our three month check at Rex Wellness and get weighed, measured etc. Hopefully, I'll get some positive results! 

This week I had a lot of fun with make up. I'm loving Kylie's Lipkit in MaryJo and it stays on pretty much all day. The only two things that kinda sucks about it are that it is VERY drying and the price.

I had read that E.L.F. cosmetics were good quality and cheap, my favorite combo! I have yet to find a great mascara so I bought their brand, a lip plumper/primer and a lip exfoliator for those days I wear Kylie's Lipkits. I'll try them out this week and let you know how they hold up. All three items cost only eight dollars.  

Saturday I had a facial, so I just wore Front Row Cosmetics lipgloss in Baby Doll and their Nude lip liner.  I loved the shine! 

I finally placed my first order with ColourPop and I'm so excited to try it all out, especially the Ultra Matte Lip colors because they are supposed to be a great as Kylie's but way cheaper (they are only six bucks a piece compared to Kylie's at twenty nine dollars plus shipping!). I'm hoping ColourPop lives up to it's hype because you really can't beat their prices! 

If you love fashion and looking for some fantastic deals head over to SoSimpleYet. com. Morgan puts together some great looks and she travels to fun places! You can also follow her on Instagram at SoSimpleYet.

I'm still obsessed with YourCam Makeup app! I can't tell you how addicting and fun it is! They just added the Kardashian line of cosmetics to their library.  

Please don't forget that you can still get a TigerLady 20% off with code HAUGHTIGER. It is small, light weight, and needs no batteries or charging. To activate the three claws, all you have to do is close your hand and make a fist. The retractable claws protrude between your knuckles ready to meet your attacker. Stay safe and protect yourself! Don't be distracted by your phone when walking to your car; replace it with a Tigerlady and stay alert. Don't be a statistic and protect yourself! Give her the gift of safety, give her a Tigerlady!

Finally, our pups have doing well. Jager has a check up next weekend, so fingers crossed! 

Hope everyone has a great week!