Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Blog is Officially "And Counting"

Saturday was my 34th birthday, so this blog will now be focusing on the "and counting" part of my life. I'm very much looking forward too all the things ahead!

So, Saturday started with a 10 miler in Cary and it went well. My Garmin pissed me off bc it got full at mile 5 and we had to count our intervals out and then it stopped our time completely, so I'm not sure what our final time was. After our run, Rachel surprised me with AMAZING cupcakes and sang me happy birthday.

After our run, Julie and Jess took me to Southpoint for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and shopping. It was fun! I got four fun shirts and a ring for New Orleans next week. 

After I got home, Matt made me a great late dinner and we had some cupcakes. All in all, a GREAT birthday! 

Today, we were all super lazy and napped on and off most of the day. We got up eventually and went to the Outback for dinner and I had steak and lobster tail. Yum! 

One of my favorite cards was from Denise and it is so funny!