Sunday, January 11, 2015

You'll Ruin Everything

I'm big on organization and schedules, it might be a touch of OCD, but organization makes in feel in control. Yes, I realize there are SO many issues in that last sentence-haha! Anyway, when planning to run, I'm always scheduling. I like to run in the morning, the earlier then better. If I don't get out before 7am, I feel off and I usually skip it because you know, it wasn't scheduled that way in my head.

My plan for Sat was 7:30am run, 9am nails, 11:30am food shopping, 2pm nap/clean 4pm game. Well, when I woke up it was 9:18am. Just as I was about to roll over and snuggle deeper in my heated blanket because it was way past 7:30am, I decided to get up and go. My OCD section of brain was SCREAMING at me, "Are you crazy?! We are off schedule, you'll ruin everything!" I ignored the voice and got dressed for the 28 degree weather outside and drove to the park.

I sat in my car feeling so uncomfortable because I was off my schedule. How was I going to pull the day off? How was I going to fit everything in and what about my NAP?! As I looked outside at the few people out and about, I realized that my schedule is ridiculous. Why do I NEED to run in the mornings? Why do we HAVE to go shopping at 11:30? Why do I feel that we can only watch new movies on the weekend and when it's dark? OK, that one isn't fitness related, but my husband thinks I'm nuts about the movie thing-haha!

I've got to be more flexible. My OCD section of my brain is dying a little right now, but my health is becoming more of a priority for me. I have to be flexible and be willing to make sacrifices. My crazy ass schedule is all in my head and I need to work on just doing what I want to do because I like doing it. I think the more uncomfortable I feel about being off schedule, the better.

My run went well and I even shaved almost two minutes off my previous single run. I was struggling my asthma a bit at the second mile, but I managed to finish at 27:45. No negative splits this time, but I'm happy. I'm also happy because I did really well this week. I did two back to back yoga classes (one regular, one hot), I crushed my goal of 21 miles this week and the Pats won. Good times.

One negative this week is my face. It is HORRIBLY broken out. I haven't broken out this much in a long time. I had some bloodwork done and it showed I had a high Cortisol level. I'm hoping it will calm down soon, because I hate it.

I'm really great at buying fitness DVD's and not using them, but this time I think I found two that I think will really enjoy. I ordered Groov3 Dance Sweat Live (which promises to take me from my crib to the club) and 6 Weeks to Sculped with Ashley Borden. I'm a total sucker for anything "4 weeks til" or "3 days to". I'm hoping these will help to keep me moving and tone up this winter.

I got lots of fun things in the mail this week. My Shwings and Bondi Bands came in. I also got some of my stickers in that I ordered for my "Believe" journal. Even as a kid, a sticker meant I did a good job, so I'm bringing it back into my adult life.

This week my plan is to do 2-3 runs, 1-2 yoga classes, and 1 core session. I'm also going to be watching my diet by adding a hell of a lot more veggies and fruits. Wish me luck! 

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