Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Took a Chance!

This weekend was pretty relaxing for us, which was nice. I took Friday off for mental health reasons (haha!) and got myself to the spa for a much needed facial for my breakouts on my face. It made such a difference and I already feel better. I also cleaned our house and stuffed all our Christmas decorations in our guest room for another day.

Saturday we slept in, went food shopping, ate Mexican, and walked the dogs. Guinness's spot where his cancer is is getting a lot bigger and bleeding quite a bit. He is still happy, eating well, and giving us attitude, so we are happy and so thankful to have all the extra days with him.

Sunday I woke up and got in a two miler. I was pretty happy because I had a negative split and had my fastest two mile time since I started running again after the Manchester City Marathon Half. I ran it in 28:07 and felt pretty great afterwards. It was raining when I started, but cleared up by the time I was done. I like that I'm getting faster with every run, it makes me feel like I'm progressing slowly but surely.

After my run, my Julie and I headed out to Ulta because I've had a gift card from my birthday that I've been meaning to use. I've never really looked at Ulta's stuff, except for the nail polish, so I was a little overwhelmed. I got a bunch of fun makeup that I'm looking forward to learning how to put on-haha! Eye makeup is so confusing to me! I think I got a good mix of products.

I took at chance and entered the NYC Marathon lottery (which by the way, is eleven dollars just to even get in the damn thing!) and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I read somewhere that people who aren't guaranteed a spot have an estimated 1 in 6 chance of getting in. It's not looking good. On one hand, I'm nowhere near ready to run a marathon. I've got more weight to lose and need to work on my mental toughness. One the other's the NYC Marathon! What an amazing experience!

My plan this week is to continue with running and yoga. I'm still slacking on strength training and core work, gotta make time for it all. I've been watching my diet a bit more, trying to focus on fueling my body with healthy food instead of stuffing it with garbage. I'm going to do a food journal this week and see where I can make some changes.

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