Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth Of July

This week was nice and short because of holiday. Training has been tough because I've been pretty slow again, but I feel pretty good.

Tuesday I ran my dodge the cars route and thought I did fantastic because I felt so good, but I was still over forty minutes, 40:27.

Thursday was a crap-tastic run. I felt awful the entire time, I literally hated every step I took. I decided to shorten my run to 2.5 miles and did it in 37:40. I didn't even run enough to burn off my chocolate milk I drink after my runs. 

I got some new earrings from the Etsy shop, Cute Gem. They come from Thailand, so it takes awhile to get here to the states, but they are worth the wait. They are great quality and have a great selection.

Yesterday was Jager's eleventh birthday, so we took the dogs to the dog park and to Lake Benson for a walk. Jager had fun until we got to Lake Benson, he wasn't impressed. He stopped walking, laid down in the clay mud and ended up needing a bath when we got home. 

We decided to head to Lake Benson again later that night to watch the fireworks. We were unsure about the weather because we were supposed to have storms right around the time the fireworks were supposed to start. We crossed our fingers and decided to wait it out. It did start to rain, but we were prepared with raincoats. The fantastic NC Symphony started to play at eight thirty and played a bunch of patriotic tunes like Stars and Stripes Forever and the 1812 Overture. 

We got home pretty late, so I wasn't looking forward to waking up at six in the morning. So, I headed to Umstead Park with my new hydration vest, the Nathan Zelos. I was hoping the vest would help with chafing and my uniboob. There was a spot under my left arm that chaffed a bit, but other than that, it was all good. As for my uniboob, I don't think I will ever find anything to help with that. I don't think hydration vests/packs are made for big boobs. I do like the the vest, I do wish the front had a bit more coverage in the front. It is super easy to clean and the vest is easy to adjust. It took me about a mile to get used to it. I think it will work well for NYC. For some reason, my socks and/or sneakers cut the hell out of the back of my foot. I didn't feel it at all.....until I got in the shower. Owwwwwwwwwww!!!! 

So, I finished my seven miles in 1:41. My goal was 1:30 and my slow runner goal was 1:45, so I was pretty happy with it. Well, I'm happy with anytime I finish at Umstead because it is really challenging for me with all the crazy ass hills.

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