Saturday, July 27, 2013

Same Old, Same Old

I wasn't very picture happy this week, but oh, well. Marathon training has been kinda painful this week, and I'm pretty sure I should just do ice baths bc my body is starting to hurt from head to toe. Today, I went to Umstead and knocked out nine miles in 2:04, which I was happy with bc my goal was 2:05. Umstead looks to nice and calming, but then you actually get out there and you have to deal with some insane hills. Luckily, the Marshall Marathon is pretty much flat, but I'm still doing some hill work.

I have also started using my foam roller, which is an evil torture device that dates back to like 2006. It is insanely painful, but it works. Every time I tried to use it, my dogs decide that they want to play or lay down on my yoga mat with me. 

I added some pictures of the flowers that are growing like crazy on our front yard. They are very tall and pretty. 

So, that's it. Pretty uneventful around here, as usual. I'm looking forward to some pizza and ice cream this evening...yeah, I know, I know. I can't bitch about losing weight, if I eat like that, right? Got, no more complaining about weight! 


  1. Be proud of those nine miles, Jen! That is a heck of a lot further than most people even dream of running, or walking, or whatever! :-)

    Good job!

  2. This may come across as the pot calling out the kettle, but as I lay in bed last night w/my hip flexors aching, I thought about inflammatory triggers:
    1.) Wheat
    2.) Sugar
    3.) Dairy

    I don't think it's an illusion that my aches n' pains are lessened when I cut these things out! Maybe w/a little mutual support we can manage to do that... (I stopped for my last donut this AM - tomorrow starts "normal school schedule" so I won't have the temptation of the Best Donut Shop in Dallas!!!)

  3. Did I lose my last comment? meant to add that your recent pix are nice too...
    (I can't do yoga or any other floor exercises at home either bcz my dogs want to pile on ;-)

  4. Awww....but I LOVE wheat, sugar and dairy :)