Sunday, June 28, 2015


This past week we were on vacation and we spent a few days at Sunset Beach, NC with Matt's family. We had fun hanging down at the beach and swimming in the warm water. We also went to the movies and saw "Spy" (which was hilarious), Broadway at the Beach, and Bird Island. We walk down to Bird Island every year and take a picture next to the Kindred Spirit mailbox.

We got home late Wednesday from the beach and headed right to Kelli's to pick up Jager. Unfortunately, the lower ball joints broke on my jeep and it sucked up two days of Matt's vacation because he had to fix it. The ball joints were a recall on my jeep and we had been waiting for the car place to call us when they had the parts.....apparently Matt could get them, but the car place couldn't. Weird. 

We spent Saturday evening with our friends and played "LoGo". It is pretty fun and some of us get pretty competitive, not mentioning any names. We had a pretty cool meal, it was pretty much appetizers and dips. Everything was great! 

Today we went to the dog park with the boys since it was so nice out. The past two weeks it has been over ninety degrees so going to the dog park has been out of the question. The boys had fun running around with Roxy and meeting new dogs. 

My coach, Rebecca, didn't give me a set schedule for training this week so I counted our brisk walk to Bird Island which was 5.19 miles in unknown amount of time. We sweated A LOT, even though we went out at 6:30am.

Our running group run was rescheduled so, I headed out to Lake Benson on Saturday for a three mile run. I felt great and thought I was so much faster, but I had the slowest time yet. I was disappointed but I'm happy I felt loose and comfortable. I ran the three miles in 43:43, hopefully I'll improve this week. 

I got a few fun things in the mail this week. I got headbands, my superhero gear for our next running group run (which I'll post when I run it) and a new bathing suit.


So, that's it for now! We had fun on vacation, but it is nice to get back on schedule and see our dogs. We missed them a lot! 

In closing, I'm thrilled that gay marriage is legal in all fifty states now. Love will always win!


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