Monday, January 21, 2013

Running, Maybe?

I want to start running again. I have some great memories of all the places I've run:

My first half in Disney with Team in Training 2009

Flying Pig Half 2010

Angels Among Us 2010

Angels Among Us 2011

All Star 5K 2011

Disney Princess 2011

Angels Among Us 2012

 DC Rock and Roll Half 2012

Color Me Rad 2012

Huntington Turkey Trot 5K 2012

Ah, so much fun, I think I want to start running again.......but you know what? Last time I checked it was January and it is freaking cold out. I will sleep in on Saturdays and crank up my heating blanket.  Running can wait til March or April.......brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! 


  1. Haha! I hear you! I'm going to start out again, but on the treadmill -- you think it's cold there!

  2. Haha - you're too funny! I actually enjoy running in the cold, but then again, I'm in Southern California so cold is a different definition here. :-)

  3. I think about getting back to running every day! I am slowly, but surely working my way up to it. By the time the weather gets warmer I hope to be ready :)