Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exhausted Mentally and Physically

It hasn't been a great week, I gotta admit. My body feels tired and I feel mentally tired. I think I might be working out too much, bc I feel exhausted. I took yesterday and tonight off completely off and will get back on track tomorrow after work. I have been eating a bit more the past couple days and not working out, so I'm a little concerned about my weigh in. Fingers crossed.

Here are a few of my meals and snacks this week:

6 point lunch- Smart Ones Alfredo and Broccoli (which I picked out and replaced with spinach), green beans and 2 clementines. 

 My new favorite snack: pretzel chips and Laughing Cow Cheese: 4 points

Turkey burger, cheese, bun and fries, I needed a break from veggies. Worth the 10 points, it was so filling!

I also ordered this Hungry Girl CD to listen to in the car. It got really high ratings and people have been raving about it....we'll see! 

Tuesday night we headed to opening night for the Canes and had a good time...well, kinda, we lost, so that sucked. We will be going to Bruins game on Monday, so that will be great bc I love both teams!

We are having icy weather tomorrow afternoon, so I'm heading home early from work to avoid the clutter we dealt with back in 2005. We were stuck on the road for hours, I don't think we got in til almost 9pm! It was nuts!

So, that's it for now! I haven't decided on my recipes that I want to try yet. I think my bananas are finally ripe enough to make my bread. I'm thinking of making Shepard Pie, we'll see.

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  1. I think taking a break from working out is a good idea! Rest both mentally and physically this weekend! Take care of yourself :)