Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bloody Confusing

It has been another nice and relaxing weekend here. We got all our grocery shopping done, watched some hockey, tried some new recipes, worked out and I actually slept in til 10am. I think maybe I was super tired bc I'm usually up by 7:30am on weekends.

We tried recipes this weekend: Cashew Chicken, Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge and Red Velvet Cake. 

The Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge was the most memorable and most confusing.  First I got condensed milk instead of evaporated milk and Matt had to help me figure out how much to decease the sugar measurement to keep the point level the same. It was super confusing and I was pissed that I didn't get the right thing, so I decided to make a second batch and went out to the store to get evaporated milk. There were eight different types of evaporated milk and I bought them all! I was so worried that I'd get the wrong thing again, so I figured better safe than sorry. I started my second batch while Matt was cleaning up and then....blood everywhere. Matt cut is finger on the can of condensed milk and there was spatter on the counter, sink, floor.....yuck! It bled for while and I was worried that he would need stitches, but it looks ok now.

Anyway, both batches of fudge came out completely different! The first batch with the condensed milk came out how I pictured it.

The second batch, made just like the recipe, came out like chewy candies, not like fudge.

I liked both batches, but the 1st one was actual fudge. So, who knows! 

Last night we tried Cashew Chicken  and it was ok. I do not think it was worth 10 points and we replaced the white rice with brown rice. It did have a great flavor and I tried bamboo for the first time! 

The last thing I made was the Red Velvet Cake  from . I haven't tried it yet, but it was pretty easy to make, even for me. It has Diet Dr. Pepper in it, and I'm not sure how I feel about that bc I don't like soda and feel that it is unhealthy, BUT it was only 8oz. 

I also tried Vita Muffin Tops and they are really good. They are three points apiece.

I guess that's it! I'm going to watch the Pats kick some ass! GO, PATS! 


  1. Glad Matt is ok! That is scary.

  2. You & my boy (Pats fans)!!! So I'm watching just to cheer w/him...