Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Hockey Day!

I'm so happy that the Canes play tonight, hockey is back. I have a lot of reservations with the lockout and everything. I'm a big hockey fan, but the lockouts put a huge damper on the sport, it's really sad. I want not to want to watch (ha, that was a mouthful!) but I love hockey. I hate that this was about the fan's money and the fans suffer. I guess keep forgiving, but never forget? I don't know. I'm tentative, but I'm happy hockey is back and I will watch with my Ray Whitney t shirt on.

Onto other news, I'm down another 2.1lbs for a total of 4.8lbs in about two and a half weeks. I'm happy for the loss, but I'm dying to hit my first goal of 10% loss. Fingers crossed it will be within the next two weeks. I'm a bit worried about losing my lean body mass bc every week it gets a little bit lower. Not sure why bc I do weights for 30 minutes three times a week plus a crazy amount of squats daily. Maybe not enough protein? Not sure.

This weekend I'll be trying three new recipes: Chicken Cashew Chicken (10 points), Red Velvet Cake (4) and Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge (2pts per per piece). I'm excited to try all of them. I've got some recipes for Superbowl Sunday that I want to try as well like baked chicken wings and a few different dips, but we will see. Normally, I just splurge and eat taco dip, but the whole thing has about 4,000 calories, so I'm a bit hesitant now-haha.

My dad is ok but he got hit by an alleged drunk driver last night. WTF is wrong with people?! He could've killed my dad and who knows who else. He could've ruined our lives bc he had to get behind the wheel hammered. Fucking idiot. I think my dad is more upset bc his week old truck is busted up.

I'm hoping to make my flight to New Orleans in the next two weeks, I've been watching prices like a hawk. I'm so excited to go there with my friends, take in all the sites and try some new food.

So, I guess that's it. Here's to a great weekend! Here are a few pictures from the last few days:

My nasty smoothie--YUCK! Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but the last few smoothies I've made are so disgusting! 

We made chipotle beef in the crockpot and it was good. I thought it was a bit too spicy but the leftovers are growing on me. This meal was 7 or 8 points, I believe.

Turkey meatballs from Trader Joe were great! I can't wait to have them again! I think it was one point per meatball.

Chicken tacos, one of my favorite meals! 8 points!

2 Point choices at work:

I have been drinking out of my Pats mug all week, can't wait for the game tomorrow! 

My babies

Guinness was driving us crazy last night until Matt picked him up, then he got all "Blue Steel" with the camera.


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