Sunday, May 15, 2016

PurpleStride 5K: Team Rodney

This was an insanely crazy week and it was tough to stay on track with the gym. I'm ALWAYS stressing about the stupid gym when things get crazy. I either racked with guilt or take a month off, but not this time (well, I hope not THIS time-haha).  I managed to squeeze in one day this week and looking to get back on track on Tuesday 5am. 

I honestly didn't pay much to my makeup this week either. I managed to remember to try one new lip look. I used Revlon Ultra HD Matte Color in Rouge a Levres gloss and Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner in Rosebud. It was very pretty and went great with the Avon liner, BUT it barely lasted until lunch. Even though it didn't last long, I would wear it again because it was a great color. 

As you know, I"m a huge fan of the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits and was excited when she announced a new nude color "Expose". I managed to snag one and I will hopefully get it this week. 

Every month I get make up samples from and this month's haul was my personal favorite. I love the bag and I'm going to use every product. I'm pretty excited to try the Peek plumping balm and the Smashbox mascara.

The plank challenge barely survived this week and it was rough. The last one was sixty seconds and it took me FOUR tries to get it done. I'm hoping I get stronger.....soon.

My friend, Jessica, is a great artist and she was nice enough to design our team t-shirts for the Angels Among Us 5k a few weeks ago. I was thrilled for Jessica because she won us FIRST PLACE! You can check her out on her Instagram. Congrats, Jess! 

On Saturday, Matt and I ran the PurpleStride 5K at NC State. Our team, Team Rodney, was out in full force. Family, friends, and his wife Carolyn, make up the team and raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. I had a bit of a problem because I had planned to get up at 7am, go to the gym and then go to the 5K. It would've worked out really well...if the gym actually opened up at 7am, not 8am. So, I didn't have time to get my weights in, so I skipped the gym with slight (ok, more than slight) guilt. Well, thank goodness I didn't do an extra workout because I'm pretty sure I would've passed out and vomited on the finish line. It was very warm on the course and tiny cups of water,  but of course it wasn't the races fault that I didn't eat or drink anything before I ran. That was me being completely stupid. If you had the joy of following me on SnapChat (JenHaught79), you probably be saw me starting out like Usain Bolt and then cursing and trying to hold back vomit the last mile. My time was  44:46 which is better than the Angels Among 5K a few weeks ago.

This week I got my shirts from I Heart Dogs. I had a really hard time deciding between just two shirts because they have so many fun and unique ones. Every shirt you buy feeds seven shelter dogs, so add a few shirts to your closet! 

Don't forget to enter the Medi-Dyne Captain Shield contest. Right now, Medi-Dyne is having a photo contest and the first 100 posts will win Captain SportShield swag AND a SportsShield roll on! The photo contest has you print out Captain SportsShield and post pictures with the hashtag #captainsportshield and #shieldyourself during your activities where chafing can occur. Go to and enter the contest. You can earn points by posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, watching the Captain SportShield cartoon on YouTube and sharing the contest with your friends! One grand prize winner will win a year supply of SportsShield or SportsShield for Her, plus Captain SportsShield commemorative prizes!

Finally, I close with a truly heartbreaking story. My friend Dwaina and her daughter, Hanna, lost someone important in their life last weekend. John was a volunteer firefighter in Kenly, NC and he passed away after responding to a car accident. I hope John's family and friends find peace and comfort. 


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