Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I've been super tired lately, so I have been putting off blogging. Lots of fun things happened this past week: I stepped in fresh dog shit at 5am, my blender exploded and I got my smoothie everywhere, I've been eating crappy, patients yelling at me for things that THEIR insurance won't pay for and I came home the other day to dog shit in our living room and I promptly threw up over it. I have to say that I'm totally looking forward to the long weekend ahead!

The good news is I made it to the gym and I did really well. I must say I'm a bit frustrated because I don't feel like I'm looking any different and my weight hasn't changed. I'm thinking I need to change my diet a bit more and maybe even add another day to the gym,

I got Kylie Jenner's new nude color called "Expose" and I really like it. Very natural! I will say that I going to get a few matte colors from Colour Pop because I heard the are just as good but only six dollars a piece! Definitely worth looking into!

One really cool thing I did last weekend was mirco-needling at Family Wellness Clinic and Regenesis MD. They opened up recently and had amazing deals on their services at their open house. I've always been self conscious about the scars on my face. I'm very light skinned and any zit or scratch will leave a scar, it is really frustrating. Between going to Dr. Tank and Morgan at Michell's Spa my acne is totally in check. I was told now that my acne has cleared up, I'm going to notice my scaring more. So, Waseem recommended mirco-needling.  It reminded me of tattooing but with a lot less pain. The put numbing gel on your face and it sat on my face for about fifteen minutes. They use a fine needling device that delivers tiny punctures all over your face. It rejuvenates your skin and minimizes pores, scars, and stretch marks. It also can improve your skin's firmness and texture. It isn't exactly a comfortable procedure, but I found it oddly relaxing.

One of the stipulations was that I couldn't workout or do anything that caused excessive sweating, so on Saturday I pretty much read (two books, mind you) and watched Parks and Rec reruns. I didn't realize how much I sweated doing the littlest things. I was also super itchy and just keep putting on moisturizer and tried not to think about clawing my face off.

Day three my face looked well enough for me to go to the gym without feeling like people would think I go the shit beaten out of me-haha! The itching was a lot better and I had some slight peeling, which is expected.

Monday I woke and didn't think too much about putting on my make up because I really wish I hadn't because my face was peeling a lot and make up made it way worse. I learned from my mistake and all I wore was concealer, light loose powder and something on my lips the following day. Today's pictures are taken after I washed my face this evening.

The results aren't instant, but my skin feels amazing and I feel, looks more refreshed. I'm very happy with the results so far. I have a follow up on two weeks and then will get another treatment four weeks from then.

If you are interested in getting more information about mirco-needling or any of their other fantastic services (I really want to try the vampire facial and Ultra Shape), you can check out their website, facebook page or call them at 919-322-2844. The staff is fantastic at both locations and truly care about you. 

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Finally, here are a few pictures of our pups just because they are awesome most of the time! Well, except for Sammy who clearly doesn't know where he is supposed to be on our couch!


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