Monday, June 8, 2015

Exhaustion Rears Its Ugly Head

I have been absolutely exhausted this week, it really sucks. I only got two runs in and no strength training. I went to bed or fell asleep around every night about nine. I got a lot of rest this weekend so hopefully I'll have more energy this week.

Tuesday I ran my dodge-the-cars route and I didn't do all that great. I did three miles in 40:53 in 96% humidity.

Saturday was the worst run in a long time. I got to Umstead at about 7am and headed out. I felt so tired and my legs felt like lead. Every interval I felt myself getting slower and slower. Finally, I gave up and decided to walk after about a mile and a half. I turned off and took a different route which was interesting. As the miles piled on, I got even slower. If I knew I was going to be eaten by freaking big-ass horse files, I probably would have just curled up on the side of the trail and went to sleep. 

My recovery consisted of Recofit full leg compression sleeves, ice, Promise Land Chocolate Milk, the Simpsons, and trashy magazines (aka US Weekly). Again, I was pleasantly surprised that I had no leg pain after training on Sunday.  

Sammy is getting pretty big, and it's really hard to get a picture of him still, so this is the best you are gonna get. Puppy school is a MUST, so hopefully we will be signing up soon, because he is kinda of an ass. 

Anyway, looking forward to a more rested week and hopefully a faster week. Only 145 days until the NYC Marathon!


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