Sunday, May 31, 2015

Humidity and Knee Issues

This weeks runs were pretty tough as I am not yet accustomed to the humidity and my bad knee has been bothering me a bit. I am hoping as the summer goes on, the humidity won't be so bothersome. I will continue to run early in the morning and try not to forget my water even on short runs. This week the knee I had two surgeries on started acting up, so I skipped one of my short runs to give myself an extra day to ice and rest it.

For a bit of a change, this Wednesday I tried a new route with sidewalks so I wouldn't have to dodge cars. It was 71°F, the humidity was 93% and the route was pretty much all hills, so I had a tough time. I did three miles in 39:52, which isn't great for me, but not bad either.

I felt apprehensive about Saturday's group run at the NC Art Museum on Saturday because when I woke up my knee still didn't feel quite right. I started out really slow and finally my knee felt better and looser when I got to the halfway point of my five miler. I had my new Garmin on this run and I really liked it. The only thing I need to still to figure out is how to adjust it so it shows my splits for my miles, not my intervals. I was pretty excited that I ran my fastest two miles so far at 26:21 which was surprising since I felt slow the entire time. The last mile and a half was the worst because I ran out of water and the hills just beat me down. I was so glad to finally get back to the car to my other bottle of water.

When I got home, I immediately took shower, iced, drank my favorite Promised Land chocolate milk and put on my new RecoFit full length compression sleeves. They were easy to get on, but because I have pretty big thighs, the top elastic rolled down a bit. It was a bit annoying but after I wore them awhile it didn't happen anymore. I wore them most of the day and my legs felt great, but I think the biggest surprise was when I woke up today, my legs weren't sore at all! Normally, I have some stiffness and swelling, but neither was evident this morning. I'm really impressed with the sleeves because I've always been sore the day after my longer runs and since I had such a tough hilly run yesterday I was expecting to be really sore and stiff today. It was so nice to get up and have my legs feel rested. 

I also tried 2 Toms Sport Shield wipes on Saturday. I will admit I was nervous using a wipe instead of using the Body Glide stick because I didn't feel like I was really covered. I was nervous using a different product on a longer run, but I was impressed. It went on easy, it wasn't greasy and didn't smell funny. Most importantly, no chafing and no blisters. 

I got the last of my earrings that I ordered from Etsy and I love them. You can click on the links under the pictures to go to the shops were I got them. Both shops have some really unique jewelry. 
By Bella Crafts
Our dogs got a great new bed from Aunt Terri and they are enjoying it! It is really comfy! 

So, that's about it! I'm looking forward to another active week, and I'm hoping that my knee will hold up. I'm going to be more careful, get my quad training in, and ice more frequently. 


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