Monday, May 25, 2015

Rolling Into Week Two Of NYC Marathon Training

Week two of marathon training went pretty well. I had three training runs this week, but didn't get my strength training in because I still didn't get a plan in place. So, yeah, lame excuse, but I'm on it tonight. I'm been googling videos and getting my plan together.

Tuesday morning was my first run of the week and I did my usual dodge the cars route. It is concerning how close cars can get to me, but  I'm bright and large enough for cars to see me. I get nervous only because when I jump off the road, the grass is uneven. I don't want to roll on my ankle...or on a car. I have to be pretty careful.

Wednesday evening I got a huge ass splinter in my heel  and spent over forty five minutes taking it out. I put off my run til Friday morning because it was pretty sore. I got up and seemed less humid that Tuesday morning which was nice. I just realized that I ran the exact time both days. I'm going to have to push a bit harder. 

Sunday I woke up early and headed out to Umstead Park for my five miler. My goal was 1:05, but it didn't hit it. I always struggle with the hills there, but my first two miles were my fastest yet. 

I did run most of the last mile which was exciting. I switched the intervals again at the end (1:05 walk/1:45 run) but I felt pretty good so I tried to run as much as I could. I felt pretty strong. I was really excited to go home and eat, I'm not even going to lie. I've been craving Eggo's lately, so I bought some and enjoyed with them while icing and drinking my favorite chocolate milk, Promised Land. Seriously, try this chocolate milk, it will change your life. I had a whole conversation with a cashier at Lowe's about it. Amazing. 

The weekend was pretty dull because Matt had kidney stones since Thursday, so I spent most of my time reading, watching hockey and hanging with the dogs. I tired to work with Sammy on the "come" command, but he wasn't having it and chose to ignore me the whole time. He did snuggle with me for a few minutes which was nice later that night.

I broke down and ordered a couple things for training this week. I ordered another running watch because SOMEONE stole it and wears it himself. So, I ordered the Garmin 220 mostly because it vibrates instead of beeps for intervals. I won't be able to take beeping intervals for 26.2 miles come November.

I also ordered full leg compression sleeves from Recofit to wear while training and for recovery. I'll wear them for a week or so and then going to review them. I'm pretty excited because I've heard good things about the company and excited to try the full length compression since I've only used calf sleeves. 


I also bought super cute running sneaker earrings from the Etsy shop, RingsofSaturn. I also bought fun Alice in Wonderland earrings from another shop, AndBentleytoo. I have a few more pairs on the way, so I'll post next week. I encourage you check out Etsy shops, they have great stuff. You can also check out my brother's shop, Lynch Arthur Derek, there as well. He has really unique art, so check it out! 


Anyway, week three is looking promising. I'm working on my strength training program now, I promise! I'm working with Becka who has run Boston and other marathons as well. She coaches cross country, so I'm listening to every word she has to offer! She emailed me a bunch of exercises and I'm working on a plan, that WILL include foam rolling. I LOATHE foam rolling because it hurts like a bitch and I look like a total asshole using it. I'm so uncoordinated and clumsy. 

Special shout out to Kasie Enman who won the Vermont City Marathon this weekend! She is such an inspiration! Way to go, Kasie! 

Photo credit: Scott Mason Photography

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  1. I'm so glad you and Becka are working together. She's helped me prepare for both half marathons now. She is totally supportive but also won't let you get away with crap. Plus she isn't an elite snob like some really good runners I know. You've totally got this -- I'm so proud of you!