Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First Full Week OF NYC Marathon Training

This week was a bit crazy at work, and not to mention the humidity in NC will NOT be getting any better, so I decided to do all my runs in the morning. I set my alarm for 5:45am during the weekdays and set off.

Tuesday was very humid at 95% and I was dragging, but I had a time of 27:49. It was my best time since I started in April. I run in my neighborhood and then I head on to two very busy streets, that I don't feel 100% comfortable on because there is no room to run. I'm always running up on the uneven grass and dodging cars. I will says that cars are very nice and don't try to run in over, which is nice.

I woke up Wednesday and Thursday with insanely sore quads. I headed on Thursday and thankfully, it was a lot less humid. I was quicker and more comfortable. My fastest time yet! 

Saturday was my longer run. I headed out to Umstead Park and it was a really pretty and hilly run. I was slower than I liked, but I felt good. I did the first two miles in 27:37 and finished the run in under a hour. I also tried my Flip Belt for the first time, it's not perfect, but I liked it. I don't know if I got too big of a size, but it did slide up quite a bit, but not enough to annoy me. I fit my keys, my phone and some bandaids in there. I will wear it again, because it pretty much did it's job. I'll only wear it for runs six miles and under and then I'm thinking of trying a vest. Anyone try one before? I'm hoping I'll like it better than the CamelBack backpack. 

Most Monday nights, I participate in HealthYourWayOnline twitter chat, it's very motivating an a lot of fun. Sometimes they do giveaways and I won last week! I won a prize pack from RecoFit  Compression Gear and I'm really excited to try their stuff. I'll be ordering from them this week and I'll do a review after I've worn them for a week. I'll be ordering the full leg compression and I'm hoping to talk Matt into trying their shin splint therapy, since he has always had issues with his shins. 

So, after completing a week of training, I feel really motivated and excited for NYC, but I did hit a snag in transportation. I didn't realize that there was a cap for the buses and such, because I figured since transportation was included in the RIDICULOUS race fee, that I'd have time to look it over and choose with no issues. Apparently, I screwed up and waited too long because the two buses for Midtown ARE GONE. That's it. No easy transportation for me. Matt figured out I can take the subway, but it take at least thirty minutes. Luckily, there was spots left on the ferry, so I'm set on that. Oh, and yes, I got my poncho. 

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This week I've got three runs scheduled and hoping to get two days of strength training and stationary bike in. I'm still trying to get a full body workout that doesn't take more than thirty minutes and doesn't include squats or lunges. I had two knee surgeries, so those do more harm than good. My friend, Aurora, send me this squat alternative video and I'm going to work on that. My next goal is to get my core training, because my back is hurting a lot during my runs. 

So, that's it! Thanks for reading! 


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