Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vet, Running, Pumpkins and Rest

Let's see. Friday afternoon I took Jager to the vet bc his sugars have been off. Our vet called him a "delicate dog", meaning he is a pussy. His sugars spike bc of stress.....yeah, I can see where he is soooo stressed. He gets in a tizzy when we don't let him lick our plates anymore, bc he is a DIABETIC. That is the extent of Jager's stress.

Guinness decided to eat a half a stick of butter off the stove this week. He actually peeled the wrapped and then ate it. I offered him to a good home for free that night. Somehow that night, their beds got stacked on one another and they didn't complain. They were pretty cute actually, it almost made me forget about the Buttered Bastard....almost.

I woke up on Saturday and nearly died when I saw the temp outside....36 degrees. WTF. I HATE cold weather. I layered up and headed to Shelley Lake. I was slower than usual bc I was nervous about my thigh that I tweaked earlier in the week, but all in all I did well until mile three. The person who fills my Camelback didn't properly close it up, so I got a nice cold surprise and my ass froze for the rest of my run. It was awesome.
When I got home, I ran in the home, teeth chattering, and cracked my heated blanket to H and asked (ok, TOLD) Matt (AKA THE PERSON) to make me breakfast in bed bc I was freezing and wanted to get in the shower and under the blanket ASAP. I put about ten layers on and refused to ice my knees. 

I finally got out of bad and had an amazing facial (Morgan at the Spa by Mitchell's is FANTASTIC) and then we headed to Julie and Moesely's for their annul pumpkin craving day. It was a lot of fun and Matt did a great job on our pumpkin

It was fun to see everyone else's ideas and all the kids had fun. I really wanted to go to a Halloween party that night, but once I sat down on my couch, I wasn't getting up. I'm getting so old! I settled in and watched the Bruin's game and iced.

A special shout out to my parents who sent me some very cool socks and a two HAPPY BIRTHDAY'S to my Dad and my brother, Derek. 


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