Sunday, October 20, 2013

Taper Time!

We are coming down to the wire on my first marathon. I know people go crazy during tapering, but man, I'm looking forward to it bc I'm TIRED. Ok, so here's my weekend:

Friday night we headed to the fair with Julie, Stella, Ryan and Jess and we had a great time. I ate fried Wisconsin cheese (amazing), elephant ears, fries and NC State ice cream. We walked around a lot and saw the exhibits, rides and animals. I was very disappointed in the pig situation. Normally, there is a big sow with a  million little piglets, but this year there was only two teenage looking pigs. So disappointing!

Saturday I got up and headed to Shelley Lake for eight miles. I definitely felt all the walking from the fair from the night before. My legs were heavy, but I felt I did well. I did change my intervals from 3 running and 1 walking to two running and 1:30 walking. 

I had big plans for Saturday to get things done around the house. I got home and Matt was still sleeping, so I figured I'd ice and read. Next thing I know, it was 2:30pm! I slept for hours! Matt insists he tried to wake me but, I really don't remember. 

We went to Jess and Ryan's to watch to Cane's game that night and had some great pizza, wings and cake. I wasn't sore at all, especially compared to the weekend before after my 20 miler! My insanely bright pink compression sleeves are amazing! 

Today, we got up and Matt made me an amazing brunch and I scarfed it down. I did my stretching DVD, 15 minutes on the stationary bike, did some resistance training and we walked the dogs. We also cleaned our house and I sweated like a whore in church. I burned major calories today.

We are spending the rest of the evening relaxing and watching football. Hope you all have a great week! 


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