Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update

My weekend was pretty nice and relaxing. I've been really tired all week and eating all weird, so I decided to get my thyroid checked. I have been feeling great the past few months, especially since I've stayed on track with my Raleigh Triple Crown training.The past two weeks or so, I've been so tired, eating more and I have a taste for Cheez Its and McDonalds double dipped cones. No, I'm NOT pregnant, I think with my increased training my thyroid might be off.  

Our run on Saturday didn't go real well. Rachel tweaked her foot earlier in the week and it was really bothering her, so we slowed way down and only did nine miles. We have a tricky month ahead bc we have two half marathons that are two weeks apart. We have to make sure we keep up our endurance, but rest our legs enough.

The rest of our weekend consisted of going to get flowers and veggies for Matt's garden at Home Depot and watching playoff hockey. I LOVE playoff hockey and having one of my teams in it always makes it better. My major complaint is PIERRE MCGUIRE. He truly ruins every game for me. I LOVE Doc and Eddie, but Pierre is truly annoying. I wish there was a mute button for him......and that someone would punch him in the face.

This week Jager had to be dropped off at the vet for another sugar check and the vet told us that she was worried that he isn't responding to the insulin and wanted to run some blood work to make sure he didn't have a thyroid issue or pancreatitis. We were worried but thankfully, the blood work came back fine and was put on a animal insulin called Vetsulin. He started Saturday morning, and I don't see much change in him. He is still sleepy, mopey, and drinking a lot. I just hope my pup feels better soon.


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