Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Ideas For That Crazy Runner In Your Life

Everyone loves a great gift, right? I thought I'd write up ten ideas for that lovable runner on your list. These are things that I have come across this year and thought would make pretty cool gifts. I have not been compensated in anyway for these gift ideas, these are just fun gifts that I think runners, like myself, would enjoy.  Feel free to forward to Santa!

FitBit Flex

I've had my FitBit Flex under a year, but I think it is pretty cool. It tracks my steps, miles, calories burnt, active minutes, sleep calories, and water intake. It also tracks my weight because I have the Aria scale and it syncs up with the app on my phone. 

Believe Training Journal

I'm kinda a sucker when it comes to buying notebooks, journals, logs etc because I love fresh starts and believe me, I've needed them when it comes to my weight.  Lauren Fleshman (one of my favorite runners) has come out with this fantastic training journal. I thought this was cool for a couple of reasons. It includes tips on training, workouts, nutrition, set backs and more. It also has motivational quotes on every page and has lots of room to track just about everything in your life. I got my cousins autographed journals for finishing the Manchester City Marathon Half last month and I know they are going to love theirs as much as I love mine!

Hot Headz Polarex Fleece Ponytail Ear Warmer Headband

I found this headband on Amazon after I read the weather report for the Manchester City Marathon Half. It was going to be very cold and very windy, not what I was used to while training in the Raleigh area. I didn't want to wear a hat because I didn't want to have to hold it when my head got hot and I also didn't want my sweat to freeze. They only thing that I didn't like was that it doesn't wick my sweat but, it worked out great that day and I liked that it had a hole for my ponytail.

York Sign Shop

York Sign Shop is very cool. They make customized medal holders, signs and gifts. There are so many to choose from that it took me a day to decide which one to give as a gift! The owners, Tamara and Nate are awesome because the communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently. You can use code RUNHAPPY15 to get 15% off!

Chase This Skirt

My cousin and I ordered our running skirts from Chase This Skirt and absolutely loved them! We got so many compliments at the Manchester City Marathon Half from spectators. I was impressed because they are made well, they shipped fast and they are affordable. I contacted the store owner, Katie, and asked if she'd be interested in doing a giveaway with me and she agreed! The giveaway ended on Friday and the winner will be announced that the end of this blog!

Stride Box

The Stride Box subscription is a pretty sweet deal. Stride Box partners up with great brands and brings you samples of running apparel, gadgets, accessories, nutritional fuel, and more monthly. It auto renews every month and you can stop and restart it anytime. The pictures below are from a Stride Box I got last summer. I loved getting them because you never knew what was in them, it was like a Christmas every month!


Janji is a running company that gives clean water to countries all over the world with every purchase. The shirt below gives on year of clean water to one person in Haiti. They have collections that support people in Haiti, Kenya, Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania and the United States. I have to admit that I haven't tried out their apparel yet, but I have numerous items, including the super cute flamingo shirt below, on my wish list.

Road ID

I think Road ID is probably the number one item that every runner should have because it can save your life. They make these bracelets for adults and children and they make them in a variety of styles and colors. Your personal and medical information can be accessed from medical personnel thru their website. They will be able to access your emergency contacts, your doctors, insurance information, medications, allergies, surgeries, and so much more. You can go online and update it anytime you want. If you don't have one, GET ONE! It will give you and your loved ones piece of mind when you are out on the roads.

Bondi Band

I have a hard time finding a headband that stays on my head because most pop off or get too heavy with sweat. The most annoying thing that has happened (more than once, might I add) is that my headband will pop off and I won't notice it is gone until I'm off the trails and a squirrel has probably taken it and will use it as a comforter in his home. Bondi Bands are sweat wicking, they pretty much stay on my head and they have some pretty awesome styles and colors. I'm dying to get a custom made one that says "Runs For Mudslides"! They also have compression socks, arms sleeves, hats and more. I have a couple that say "Beat That Hill", "Sweat Is Fat Crying", "I Run For The Bling" and "Run, Walk, Crawl, Finish".

I Love To Run

I Love To Run has unique gifts and apparel that any runner will love. Their E-bibs are wildly popular and can be printed on shirts. You can also create your own. I think my favorite item on this site is the customized caricatures and prints. You email them the picture you want and they do it! I'm still deciding what race picture to get done!

The winner of my giveaway with Chase This Skirt is Ruth Christensen! Please contact Chase This Skirt within 48 hours to claim your skirt! Congrats! We hope to do another giveaway in the spring, so keep following us for more fun in the future!


  1. Love the caricatures from I Love To Run!

  2. Top gifts for runners

    Thank You for Sharing these ideas Jen Haught..I liked all the ideas of Gifts for Runners. Specially FitBit Flex, I loved it and also its look cool and can track steps too. And Caricatures are also nice and funny...