Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness Autographed By Suzy Favor Hamilton Giveaway: Day 15

Mental illness is a huge issue in our country and needs to be taken much more seriously. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, an eating disorder, and now ADD, I know the feeling that no one understands what you are going through or what you are feeling. It can be a scary and even a hopeless feeling sometimes. Thankfully, there are people out there that are willing to help. Asking for help isn't weak, and it takes courage to come out and admit that you need help. You have one life, why are you are to waste it feeling bad? You are not alone.

I contacted Suzy Favor Hamilton for this giveaway because after reading her memoir, I knew that I wanted to address mental health. I know that many people with mental health issues struggle, but I also know of people that have found the help they need and are leading happy lives. Suzy has struggled and is now leading life where she doesn't hide in shame.


Suzy's book, A Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness, is a raw and brutally honest look into what Suzy had to struggle with in her life.  In the 1990's, Suzy was American's Track and Field sweetheart. She was a three time Olympian and had major sponsorships in publications like Sports Illustrated and Vogue. She has also graced the cover of Runner's World three times. Underneath the mask of perfection, Suzy was hiding a dark secret, she was struggling with manic depression and bipolar disorder. Overwhelmed with her feelings about her marriage, motherhood, and her disappointment with career, she sought help only to get misdiagnosed and was given a medication that only intensified her mania and made her hypersexual. Suzy began leading a double life as "Kelly" a high priced escort in Las Vegas. When her double life was eventually exposed, Suzy believed that suicide was the only way out. With the help of her husband and finally getting the medical help she desperately needed, she started her road to recovery. She is not shying away from the public eye, in fact, she seems to be embracing it. She has been speaking at many events and becoming a well known mental health advocate. 

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  1. As a therapist I'm especially interested in this book. For almost a year and a half I worked with adults with SPMIs - some with more debilitating conditions than others, although I was with the company for two years (started as an intern). I got to see a lot with the individuals I worked with... Erasing the stigma associated with mental illness is a huge deal to me. My clients had so many different goals, so many different interests... Yeah, so this population is near and dear to me. That's the short of it :)

  2. I read this book and will be featuring it on my blog book club in January! I have some interesting thoughts on her story. Her husband doesn't come across as very helpful.. anyways, I'd love for you to share your review in my link up. It will be on January 15!

  3. I absolutely love reading anything that has to do with running! This would be a great addition to my book collection.

  4. I personally have people in my life that deal with depression and I want so much for society to be more willing to honestly look at mental illnesses without stigma. I love that she is speaking out and sharing her story!!

  5. Running can be part of therapy for a lot of people. I admire Suzy for her willingness to talk about mental illness and help the rest of the world understand that having a problem others can't see doesn't make that problem any less real or less painful. I'd love to read her story.

  6. This looks so interesting. I've been reading about her since it hits the news.