Thursday, December 3, 2015

MediDyne/2Toms Giveaway: Day 3

Ah, chafing, every runners nightmare. Since I'm a bigger runner I have lots of chafing issues and after a particular run while training for the NYC marathon, I realized BodyGlide wasn't going to cut it. As I silently screamed in agony in the shower after a long run, I decided to try some new products. I participate in RunChat most Sunday nights and MediDyne/2Toms were doing a giveaway. I looked at their products and decided to try their towelettes and roll on. Since I've tried them, I haven't had any chafing issues. I'm particularly fond of the towelettes because they are small and portable. I've been know to unwrap one and stick it down my bra for long runs just in case I've missed a spot. Yeah, I'm that girl. Chafing sucks.

According to their website, Medi-Dyne is a global healthcare company that serves doctors, therapists, athletes, and individuals in over 70 countries world wide. There products are designed and tested by medical professionals and proven in clinical settings, including collaboration with sports and medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic to deliver on their promise of easy-to-use products that really work.

Not only is MediDyne/2Toms giving away one roll and one wipe ten pack to two different winners, they are offering 20% off store-wide until December 18, 2015 by using the code AJHM20.

You can enter to win MediDyne/2Toms giveaway here:
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Remember there will be TWO winners picked for this giveaway! 

Make sure to follow at least one social media account of MediDyne/2Toms AND one of mine.

Good Luck! 


  1. I'm not as prone to blistering, thankfully, probably because I'm ridiculous about covering everything up whenever possible. This would be more for my husband. He started mentioning potential blistering before our last half together - I'm talking a hot spot on race morning while we're almost to our corral - and fortunately I had a pack of bandaids in my skirt pockets to help him out... But that only lasted so long and about halfway through we stopped at a med station for another bandaid (or two) and at the end of the race popped by the medical tents... Yeah, wouldn't mind avoiding that in the future. I'm sure he wouldn't mind it, either ;)

  2. Bwahaha! I just spent 30inutes trying to figure out my twitter handle because I only ever read tweets. I never had twitter until I joined to support you during the NYC marathon training! I'm an idiot.

    P.S. I may or may not coat my body in body glide and/or Vaseline... this chubby gal is always looking for chafing solutions!

    1. 2Toms SportShield will be your champion in this chafing struggle. Promise you that.

  3. I need to try these so badly! What I am using just isn't working!