Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! A special shout out to my mom for being the best mom ever!

This week went pretty well. The main excitement of the week was that my friends and I got JT tickets at the PNC Arena! So excited, but bummed that it isn't til November!  

This week was the last training week before my 2nd half marathon of the Raleigh Triple Crown series. My week day runs went ok, my 5K time blows. I thought I was going to be at least 4 minutes faster than I was. Yesterday's long run was a disaster and a half. Unfortunately, my running partner, Rachel, is injured and won't be able to run. I went out to Umstead and felt pretty confident. Well, I hit a wall at 2.13 miles. Yeah. My water pack chaffed my arm, bugs were EVERYWHERE, a snake scared the bejesus out of me, there was a crazy squirrel convention that creeped me out, it was humid.....urgh, the whiney list goes on and goes. I was as slow as molasses......8 miles in 2 hours. I'm tapering this week so, hopefully, I'll do a lot better on Sunday with rested legs. 

I think I decided on my first marathon and it is a fast and flat course in Huntington, WV. It's the Marshall University Marathon and close to Matt's parents house. We will see, 26.2 miles is a loooonnnggggggg run.

Jager is doing better, he has another glucose day test on Thursday, so hopefully his sugars are stable.

I'm looking forward to this week bc my parents are coming in and I'm excited to see them. I took two days off since they are coming in and I have my race. It's going to be a fun week! 


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