Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fuck The Scale

Fuck the scale. Seriously.

I lost .6lbs and I'm pissed. I worked out like crazy this week and banked all my activity points. I do cardio six days a week and weights three times a week. I went thru my weekly points, but  didn't go over. I'm super frustrated. I know, I know. I hear the same old things:

"At least you lost and didn't gain."
"I've had those weeks too"
"It's all part of the process"

Blah, blah, blah.  Bottom line, I haven't lost  the weight I've wanted and it's all on me. I'm mad, frustrated and annoyed. All my numbers sucked! My lean body mass went down and my body fat when up. Am I not working hard enough? Am I miscalculating my points? Is it really my thyroid?

Ok, so enough of that. I'm acknowledging the craptastic weigh in and looking forward to next weigh in. I decided a few things:

1) Change my weigh in day to  Saturday bc Sundays are a heavier meal for me and I tend to use most of my weekly points on that day. Although, I think I will be more careful doing that now! I will weigh in again this Saturday.

2) Work out 60 minutes a day. No whining, complaining, or bitching.

3) Rearrange points so that I'm not eating as many at night, basically lighter dinners.

4) Positive self talk. I've got to work on this! I have a huge support system and they say all the right things, and I just have to believe them. Friends on Facebook were so supportive today and I really appreciated it. I also watched Biggest Loser and the Red Team was going thru what I'm going thru now so it was helpful to watch tonight.

We tried another recipe that I wasn't all that excited about bc I had a feeling it was going to be spicy. Matt liked it but I wasn't all that excited about it bc it was kinda dry and yes, spicy. It was better in a pita with cheese. It is 1 point per ounce, pretty good! I wish I liked it more.

So, tha's it. The scale fucking sucks, but I'm going to kick ass next weigh in! 


  1. That stinks but you sound super motivated and you can always call and I will try and cheer you up or you can vent :)

  2. I like your new goals! It sucks that you worked so hard and weren't rewarded like you wanted, but I am still proud of you because you are doing great with your eating and exercising. Fingers crossed for next week!