Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two Down, One To Go!

I figured while I'm icing my knees again, I might as blog about the past week.

My parents came in on Wednesday and we had a great visit! We even went to the Angus Barn for an amazing dinner. Everything from the waiter to the food was fantastic. I even bought some crocks of their homemade cheese so we could enjoy it at home.

The NCRC Invitational was on Sunday and I'm not going to lie, it was TOUGH. I'm very familiar with the course since we train their all the time, but it was still tough. The humidity was near 100% and it was a bit wet. I was so wrapped up about the race that morning, that I forgot to stretch. OUCH! I'm still feeling achy and stiff today. 

My goal for this race was 2:45 and I wrote all my splits on my arm. I was doing fantastic until mile eleven and my I think my hip cramped or something so I slowed down to a complete walk and was cursing up a storm. Walking was NOT fun, super painful. One guy said to me as he blew by me, "Hey, pink girl (I was wearing a pink shirt)! I've been chasing you down for the past six miles! Get moving!" More cursing from me and more painful throbbing from my hip.

As I neared the end of the race, I saw Matt and mt parents and I started to run again. It actually didn't hurt while I was running which pisses me off even more bc I should've just ran the the last two miles. I didn't even think that running would feel better. I crossed the finish line around 2:55 and immediately fell on the side. I didn't know if I wanted to vomit or fall down, luckily for everyone I just fell down and shoved some graham crackers down my throat.

I'm still not super impressed with my time, but considering the hills and the humidity, I don't think I did all that horrible. I would've loved to know my time with a fast and flat race. Bottom line, I finished and I have one more race in less than two weeks and I will have completed the Raleigh Triple Crown series. Check out my pics, and yes, I'm aware my uniboob is ridiculous-haha! 

I will admit that I was disappointed by the medal, it is the smallest one I have and this was the toughest race I've done! After the race, we had a nice cookout with my parents and our friends. Everyone thought the food was great, Matt did a fantastic job grilling! 

Anyway, so that's about it. I'm very much looking forward to closing out the Raleigh Triple Crown Series and taking a bit of a rest. I will end my blog with a rainbow Dad and I saw yesterday in Garner.

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  1. Way to go, Jen! All that matters is that you did it! Good luck on that third and final one!!