Sunday, March 3, 2013

Six Weeks Til Half #1

This was a pretty good week. I got in all my training runs and ST (strength training) sessions in. I had my best time for two miles this week, which was cool.

I struggled with week with plantar fasciitis and I have been rolling it out with my Thera-Band Foot Roller and a frozen water bottle.I have been stretching as much as I can and it is helping. Matt has also been massaging my foot which is super nice of him but super painful.

Our long run was at Cary North Park and I was surprised how great I felt afterwards bc after last week's long run, I felt awful! My Garmin lost signal but luckily Rachel did Map My Run and we didn't lose our stats. We did 5.5 miles in 1:20:49, which is an easy 14:42 minute mile and burned 658 calories! I logged in the most steps ever on my FitBit as well...14,647 steps! That's 7.1 miles! I haven't lost a lot of weight but my clothes are looser and I felt good.

After our run, we took the dogs to the vet and found out that Guinness gained five pounds! Fatty MCSausage Dog will be going to on more walks and we are cutting back on his food. Jager passed with flying colors. We will hopefully be getting their teeth cleaned soon but man, it is EXPENSIVE!

So, that's it! Hope everyone has a great week! I want to give a shout out to my niece, Claire, who turned six on Friday! Happy Birthday, Claire! 


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