Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Miles And Going Strong!

What a gorgeous weekend! Maybe spring is finally here! Matt and I actually got a few things accomplishment this weekend. Matt raked the front yard and then we worked on cleaning our office and guest room. We have yet to put away our Christmas decorations, but hopefully they will be put all away tonight.

 Our run this weekend went really well. We did seven miles at Shelley Lake in 1:42:11 and I felt great after. I had moderate pain in my heel but it feels better today. We changed our intervals to 1:50 walking and 1:00 running, so that's what I will change my weekly runs to now. I can't believe there is only five weeks til our first race for the Raleigh Triple Crown!


JT was on SNL last night and he is super talented. I love his new song "Mirrors". It is looking pretty good that my friends and I will be at Fenway in August to see him. I don't want to get too excited just in case it falls thru, but hopefully we know something by the end of April and can book our flights for a visit.

So, I think that's it! I had a great training week last week, so hopefully my luck will continue and my heel won't get any worse. Have a great week! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Hi Jen! Randomly found your blog on the Runs for Cookies blog list and see that you're from NC. I live in Raleigh too. If you're ever looking for a fitness pal, just let me know!