Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damn You, Ham Biscuit!

Matt and I went to the Canes/Bruins game last night and we had a perfect view of the buffet and the ham. I love ham, pork, bacon, a piglet in a tutu. It is all equally delicious to me. I headed to Bojangles this morning and had my planned ham biscuit for 10 points. Normally, if I would have started out the day with that I would've shot the whole day to hell and ate whatever I wanted. I didn't do that, but I ate a lot more points than I wanted. I haven't gone over my weekly points though. I also was exhausted all day and knew I was going to struggle with my sixty minute workout tonight. I came home and napped for about 45 minutes and FORCED myself on the bike and lift those weights. I did it and pushed through, cursing creatively throughout the hour. 

I have an appointment with my nutritionist tomorrow morning and I'm anxious to see her, I haven't seen her since December. She and I will be going over what are the best choices to make at restaurants, no matter where I go.

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  1. Great job...not letting your eating get out of hand and working out is a BIG step!! Ham biscuits are just what the weekly points are there for ;)