Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm currently watching Biggest Loser and I am floored that the final five are pissed about a twist in a GAME. It was really disappointing to see two of them leave bc they didn't like the twist. Get over it. Fight thru it and play the game. Honestly.

I have a update on the 1800 flowers fiasco. They wrote me back an apologetic email with a $20 gift card  to use for a future purchase-yeah like I"m gonna to use that! Very disappointing. As soon as I get my refund, I'm sending out flowers to Julie. Stupid 1800 Flowers....never again.

I'm a little disappointed (ok, A LOT disappointed) that I didn't lose any weight this past week. Not one pound! I worked hard and added extra workouts and nothing. Yeah, yeah, I feel better, but man, not even one pound. Grrrrrr! I gotta work harder and lose this weight! Go, me!

Off to watch Deadliest Catch!


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