Sunday, June 25, 2017

Grip Shield Review

I have tried almost all of Medi-dyne/2 Toms anti-chafing anti-blister products and have had great experiences with them. My all time favorite product is Sport Shield Towelettes because they saved me from dropping out of the NYC marathon. I had horrible chafing while training for NYC and I haven't chafed since using the towelettes. I obviously put it on before I run or walk and then I put the towelette in my bra so I can keep it handy if a hot spot comes up.

Another great product is Foot Shield and I use that most days because it helps keep your feet dry and order free throughout the day. You can use it for all types of shoes including boots, sandals, and with or without socks. Shake well and then roll on the bottom of your feet, including between your toes. The formula contains tea tree and other essential oils, helps prevent athlete's foot and fast drying. It isn't sticky and smells minty.

This time around I got a sample of Grip Shield to try and I was kinda bummed. When I was going to the gym, I was constantly using the rowing machine and always got blisters. I would've benefited from Grip Shield then 100%. I quit the gym because I had hypothyroid flare and I wasn't going often enough. Then, my knee flared up and had to go to the orthopedic because I thought I would need that knee replacement. Thankfully, I don't need the replacement yet but I'll be getting five injections in my knee over a five week period that will help my stability. Anyway, I felt better after a cortisone shot, so I decided to use Grip Shield while doing yoga on my CopyCat Yoga Mat. Whenever I did yoga my hands got sweaty, I felt nervous because I felt my knee might slip, or worse my hands would slip and face plant on my mat.

You just put a bit in your hand and rub all over your hands, palms and wrists. Air dry for about fifteen seconds and you are good to go. You can reapply as needed. It dries quickly and dries clear with no residue or flaking.  I also use it on my feet and toes to prevent slipping. The only complaint that I have is the smell. It isn't strong, but it smells of alcohol in the bottle. When it dries on my hands it smells odd as well, but can't pinpoint it. The smell wouldn't prevent me from using the product at all because it does work great! No slipping or sliding and I feel confident using it with my knee.

You can use Grip Shield inside gloves which is a bonus. Grip Shield can be used in many sports including rowing, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, rugby, bowling, cycling, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, skiing, and yoga. Plus you could benefit from Grip Shield if you need a firm strong grip on the job, for example if you are a mechanic or have an industrial job. Athletes and anyone who works with their hands will benefit from Grip Shield.

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