Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Angels Among Us 5K 2017

On Saturday, our team "Take That, Tumors!" participated in the Angels Among Us 5K at Duke. We have been participating in the event since 2011 and have raised a total $9,313 over those years.

Take That, Tumors!

This year my husband, Matt, designed our shirts and they came out fantastic, unfortunately, we almost didn't get them. A few weeks ago, we ordered our shirts through our usual company and received an order confirmation and that the order was paid for by our two sponsors, Matheson Law Office and Healin' Feelin' Therapeutic Massage. On Thursday at 4am, I woke up and realized that our shirts hadn't come in. I got up panicked and went to my email and checked for shipping info anywhere in my emails. My heart dropped as I realized there was none. I immediately emailed them with my concerns because I got the order confirmation that they were paid for. When I got to work on Friday, I called the company a couple times and left messages, but no response. Thankfully, my friend Julie helped me by emailing and calling local businesses to see if anyone could help us get our shirts done in less than twenty four hours. 

We got a call from Susan from Custom Screen Printing LLC and she was unable to do it to herself because of a family matter, but she helpfully referred us to Janine at Signworx . I cannot stress how much these two women helped us out! They were in constant contact with us to get these shirts done on time, and on a Friday no less. Amazingly, Signworx finished the shirts about 6:30pm that evening and we were able to wear them to the race proudly. The shirts came out fantastic and we got tons of compliments. 

Our team and I are truly grateful for the hard work and determination of these two women and their staff. They calmed us down and assured us it would all work out. It shows me that people in this world are still willing to help others and will take that extra step to for success. It also convinces me that shopping local is the best option hands down. We look forward to working with them in the future and hope you will use them for your printing needs as well. They also provide a ton of other products for business and advertising needs. 

We also want to thank our sponsors, Matheson Law Office and Healin' Feelin' Therapeutic Massage. Matheson Law Office has been sponsoring us since the beginning, back in 2011. This year was Healin' Feelin' Therapeutic Massage first year sponsoring us. We appreciate their support and hope you will check out their Facebook pages. 

Here are a few other pictures from the event and we hope you will donate or join our team next year! 


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