Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Skipped A Run and I Liked It

This week I only got in two runs and it was nice. My legs felt great on Saturday and even took 7 (almost 8) minutes off my 6 mile time.

I started out on Monday and I felt a little tired so I just went out slow.....reeeeeaaaaaaal slow. I felt good afterwards and didn't care about my time (well, almost).

I really don't remember why I didn't stick to my normal schedule, but I was supposed to run on Thursday but didn't bc we celebrated Julie's birthday was dip, pizza and cake. It was a great time.

I woke up Saturday in a bad mood, but it quickly lifted when I realized how cool it was! I felt great afterwards and didn't even wake up a bit sore this morning. This morning I biked (stationary) for 25 minutes, did some ab work and some resistant band work. I have really been trying to use my foam roller, but I am so damn uncoordinated. 

In other news, the VMA's are on tonight and I will be that sad old woman yapping about how much I love Justin TImberlake and how it's about time NSYNC has reunited. The first time I saw NSYNC was in college with some friends and it was a blast. We made signs and everything....ah, the good old days-haha! I feel so dorky watching the awards, but how can I miss JT AND an NSYNC reunion? 


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