Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fallon Wedding (Part One Of NH Trip)

This blog is way overdue! We went up to NH for the Fallon wedding last weekend and just got back early last week. I've been busy catching up at work and sleeping that blogging hasn't been a priority. I'll be posting part two on our NH trip in a few days!

We flew into Logan last Thursday afternoon and went to eat at the Aloha. Matt and I were STARVING and the Aloha is always a place we hit when we come home. The food and drinks were fantastic, as always!

Mom and I got appointments early on Friday to get our nails and feet done for the wedding. It was mom's first pedicure and first gel polish manicure. She didn't love the pedicure, but loved the gel polish. 

We left for Jackson, NH and apparently the drive was gorgeous, but I was so exhausted that I slept the entire way! We checked in our rooms that the Wentworth Hotel and then headed to the Wildcat Tavern for the rehearsal dinner. We enjoyed great food, drink and singing from the Fallon brothers. Once we left the tavern, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the piano bar and the bar.  

Christine and I have known each other since 2nd grade!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like garbage (I'm not used to drinking a lot-haha), so I decided to take a nice long walk around Jackson. It was so pretty and my headache just melted away.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful! The bride and groom looked amazing and full of happiness and love. 

After the wedding we had some time before the reception, so of course, I fell asleep! We went down the reception and mingled and caught up with a bunch of friends. I was super excited because I met the agent that caught Whitey Bulger and was hoping to talk with him. We had watched the documentary on Netflix recently and I was excited to talk to him and his wonderful wife for awhile and loved every second of it! Once the cocktail hour was done, we headed to our table and I got to sit next to my friend, Nick Lavallee (aka The Other Dude) and got the catch up and reminisced about good old CHS, much to our tables dismay--haha! They were bored out of their minds. 

My brother was the best man and was a little nervous because he had lost his speech about a hour before he was supposed to give it. He got up there and nailed it, there wasn't a dry eye in the room when he was done. 

After the reception, I changed in to more comfortable clothes and met everyone back at the piano bar and had a great time singing and drinking with everyone. 


Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Fallon!

Image: Dan Fallon


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