Sunday, May 29, 2016

Books, Skincare, and the Gym....Oh, My!

I was stressed and annoyed most of this week for some reason, so I don't feel I did much. Actually, I really didn't. I read a lot, I actually read four books this week (yes, I'm a very fast reader) and decided that it is probably time that I look into using our local library. I'm a total bookworm and probably spend more money than I like to admit on books. So, I went online to check out the local library and signed myself up for a library card. Very exciting!

The gym has went well this week, I think I'm finally getting used to getting up at 5am twice a week. 


I'm really enjoying strength training, but cardio blows. I'm glad the weather is getting better so I can get out and hike instead of all this elliptical and stationary bike nonsense. I will say that since I started watching Netflix (I'm re-watching 30 Rock) that is has been a bit more enjoyable. 

I had a facial done with Morgan (who has a fantastic fashion blog that you need to check out) at the Spa by Mitchell's on Saturday and she seems to think my skin looks pretty good after the mirco-needling. I will say that I think it looks and feels smoother. The pictures of me in my scrubs in my car are from the day I got the mirco-needling done and the ones with my hair down on my couch are from today (ten days out). Of course, now I look at the pictures I don't see too much difference-haha! I definitely see a difference in my forehead. I know it takes time though and patience has NEVER been my thing.

If you are interested in getting more information about mirco-needling or any of their other fantastic services (I really want to try the vampire facial and Ultra Shape), you can check out their website, facebook page or call them at 919-322-2844. They are having a Summer Glow Special going on now that you should take advantage of. 

I didn't document too much about make up this week because I didn't have anything really new to show. I have an order into Front Row Cosmetics that I'm anxious to get. I also ordered a lipstick organizer that will come in late next week that I'm excited to get. Some jackass stole my debit card to buy $64.10 worth of Crocs (really? EW), I have no debit card to buy the goodies I wanted from Colour Pop. Hopefully, I can put in an order after I get back from NH. 

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I always like to end my blog with a picture or two of our dogs, Jager and Sammy. Sammy is still being a defiant rebel by not staying on the dog side of our couch. 

Hope everyone has safe Memorial Day weekend! 


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