Monday, April 11, 2016

UNfit Assessment

This week seemed to go by pretty quickly! I dropped my phone at the Not So Normal run last weekend and Matt got me a loaner iPhone 5 to get me through the week. OK, I will tell you right now, I hate iPhones. I'm an Android girl. iPhones are the worst, I hated every minute of it. My main complaint is that my fingers are too fat for the keypad. It was impossible for me to type anything more than four words without changing it to something completely ridiculous. If I wrote "goddamn" it changed it to "godmother" or if I wrote "Pt is ready in room 1" it changed it to "Mary had a little lamb". Ok, that last one isn't completely true, but it was super frustrating. Some of my text went to my email and then all the notification setting were all screwed up. Anyway, I finally got my new phone and I'm 100% happier!

On Saturday morning, Matt and I had our fitness assessments at Rex Wellness. Basically, they check your blood pressure, weight, body fat, measurements, flexibility, etc... and then check again in three months to see how you are progressing. I had been dreading it all week, I know my weight, but didn't know my body fat and I'm about as flexible as a steel rod. There was confusion on our times but thankfully the staff worked it out and Learie stayed and did our assessment. It was super nice of him and he was great to work with. 

My assessment wasn't a complete disaster, but it definitely motivated me. I'm not even talking about the losing weight and body fat stuff, but I was modified about my lack of flexibility and the fact I can't even do ONE push up. My upper body strength is embarrassing. Here are the results:
So, now that I have those results, I can work my ass off to improve. I did legs and cardio yesterday and arm and cardio this morning. I overdid my arms with the chest press and know I'm going to have T-Rex arms tomorrow. I also modified my diet, so I meal prepped today and got the blender out for my morning protein shakes.

This weekend was Julie and Moseley's youngest daughter's birthday. Originally it was supposed to be at Lake Benson, but it was so windy that they had to have it at their house. It was a fun party and she got tons of books from family and friends! 

I got some fun ambassador things in mail from Medi-Dyne this week. I'm pretty excited because I'm going to have so pretty awesome giveaways and all their stuff is fantastic! Right now, Medi-Dyne is having a photo contest and the first 100 posts will win Captain SportShield swag AND a SportsShield roll on! The photo contest has you print out Captain SportsShield and post pictures with the hashtag #captainsportshield  and #shieldyourself during your activities where chafing can occur. Go to and enter the contest. You can earn points by posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, watching the Captain SportShield cartoon on YouTube and sharing the contest with your friends! One grand prize winner will win a year supply of SportsShield or SportsShield for Her, plus Captain SportsShield commemorative prizes! 

So, enter the CaptainSportShield contest and start posting those pictures! Have a great week!


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