Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Racing and Make Up

This week was pretty uneventful, but I was definitely ready for the weekend! I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit and also running in the  Not So Normal run that I have been an ambassador for the past few months. I was looking forward to running with our half marathon relay team (Angie, Julie and Matt) and watching Melissa crossing the finish line as an official half marathoner!
We woke up at 5:10am and headed to Carrboro which is about a forty five minute drive. Once we got to Carrboro, I will say there was a lot of confusion. There were no signs were to go and lots of people asked me where they needed to go. I'm glad we got there early! We picked up our bibs and our baton and tried to stay warm. It was a lot colder than I thought it would be, a little over forty degrees. 

Matt was not dressed appropriately and since he was the third leg of our relay, he went to the car and stayed warm. Julie and Angie weren't far behind him and I don't blame them on bit! I dressed pretty well, but I was still very cold. I love my new Boldsleeves! 

I started out and I was kinda worried because I haven't ran at all since January and then I got hurt. I was planning on walking the whole thing, but I ran the flat and the downhills and walked the hills. I felt really good! I was really surprised! I didn't get a picture of Julie or Angie, but I did get a nice picture of Matt running in to pass the baton to Julie.

I felt I did pretty well for someone hasn't run in months, I think my first mile was 13:26 and my second was around 26ish. I wish I wouldn't paid for attention. It was pretty fun to run and be part of a fun team. 

Melissa, our half marathoner, had a not so great experience. Unfortunately, someone gave her the wrong directions and had her turn at the wrong spot. The poor thing was in tears and I felt so horrible for her that she had to go through that for her first half. She was a total trooper, didn't give up and crossed that finish line proudly. She sent me a picture of her watch after we finished and got in the car and it read: 17.53 miles! Insane! 

The medals were pretty sweet because when you turn it over, it is a coaster! I thought that was a super original idea. 

In other news, one of my favorite little girls had a birthday on Monday. I can't believe that Julie's daughter is two! Seems like yesterday we were holding her in the hospital.

It total girly news, I FINALLY scored to Kylie Lipkits! I got Mary Jo K and Posie, I really wanted Koko K, but I'm happy with the colors. I'm excited to review them on my blog.



Speaking of make up, my friend Melissa from Front Row Cosmetics is having their first Launch Party to introduce their Lip and Brown Collection on April 21st at Vita Vite (313 West Hargett St, Raleigh) from 6-9pm. They will have a lip and brow station with their Pro Artists, hors d'oeuvre and signature mimosas. Their intense lip collection with includes three beautiful colors. There is an orangey red, a spring pink and dramatic plum purple. They have Duo Brow Pencils are in three shades (Dark Brown, Auburn and Blonde) and their Duo Brow Highlighter. The Duo Highlighter is great for all skin tones because the peach tone blends onto your browbone and and highlights those gorgeous eyes of yours!

You can RSVP on their facebook page and bring your friends! It is definitely a great night for a girls night!  I know I'll be there because I absolutely love their products especially their concealer and their HD Translucent loose powder. Their products are not tested on animals. Plus, Melissa has come over numerous times to do my make up for special occasions and to show my friends how to put on make up properly. It is always a relaxed and fun!

Their newest semi matte lipstick, Pout, will be available Sunday, April 10th.  It is a vibrate pink with just a touch of purple for warmth. Don't forget to sign up for their #MakeupMondays tip by signing up for their newsletter

Finally, this week we celebrated that we have had our pup, Sammy, for a year. He drives us absolutely crazy sometimes, but he has become a fun part of the family.....despite eating my $150 Brooks sneakers.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week! 

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