Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Transformation Tuesday #1: Peter Lynch

I've never done a Transformation Tuesday blog, but I I felt that my godfather, Peter, deserved the spotlight. I wanted to show him off and all his hard work he has put into his new healthy lifestyle.  

Peter after his first 5K

Tell us about yourself in a few sentences

I'm fifty seven years old and I have been married to a wonderful woman for nearly thirty five years. We have three great kids who don't mind spending time with their parents.

When did you realize that you needed to get healthy and lose weight?

When I realized it and when I finally did something about it are two very different things.I first realized it in March of 1992. It was my youngest son's first birthday, and I woke up that night with a pain and pressure in my chest. That was my first "coronary event". I was just thirty three years old. Although at that time I wasn't morbidly obese I was smoking two packs a day and eating garbage.

Was there anything that triggered the weight gain?

I believe the year was 1998 I quit smoking in February and then had back surgery in November. So I was eating more but being less active.I probably but on a hundred pounds that year alone.

Have you tried losing weight before?

Oh yeah, you name it I've tried it. Nutrisystem,Weight Watchers, and I'm sure at least a half dozen more I can't remember at the moment.

Was there an "Ah-Ha" moment when you realized that you needed to take
your health seriously?

It was really more gradual than that.I simply got tired of being me. I was tired of not being able to tie my shoes,walk to the car without stopping to rest , or doing anything socially that required movement. I just didn't like what I had become.

What was your initial plan to get started?

As I said before I had tried pretty much everything. It became very clear to me that I didn't have the patience to count calories, points, or portion sizes. I realized I needed a plan that told me what to eat. Period. That's how I settled on Optifast. It is shakes and bars. No counting, just do this and you'll lose weight.

What was your biggest obstacle when you first started to lose weight?

It's funny, everybody asks me if I was hungry, but I was never really hungry. I missed eating though. I missed pizza,burgers, and beer. I just missed the taste of the things I liked.

What surprised you the most while losing the weight?

How much easier everything was. Every week everything from getting into the car to walking up stairs got so much easier.

What motivated you to keep going?

"SEE ABOVE"--also the incredible support I got from the people who care about me.

Did you hit a plateau? If so, how did you handle it?

Sorry can't help with this one. During the nine months I was on the diet, I only gained weight one week and that was the week I started exercising. I think I hear a lot of people swearing at me.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

Certainly my wife and kids. I decided to do this in June but didn't start until February. I figured I would have a better chance of success if I waited until after the summer and the holidays  (which in our family, extend through Superbowl Sunday). So I had plenty of time to let the people who care about me know that things were going to change. I wouldn't be participating in my weekly "beer day" with my brother and kids, the monthly dinner with friends and the occasional beers after work.Everybody who cared about me knew what I was doing ahead of time and how important it was to me.They all were unbelievably supportive.

What was the best advice you received while losing weight and getting healthy?

Don't beat yourself up if you slip, just keep fighting.

What is the best part so far of getting healthy?

I just feel so much better about myself

What are your biggest temptations, how do you deal with them?

I guess there's a temptation to return to old habits. I have plenty of pictures of the old me around to keep me on track though. I just keep thinking "never again"

Do you get treated differently now that you have lost weight? Is it negative or positive?

There were certainly a lot of comments when the weight started coming off they were overwhelmingly positive. However, I did sense a bit of jealously from some people, but they were people who obviously didn't care about me and who didn't matter to me.

Proudest moment so far?

Finishing a 5K 1/1/16

What are your future goals?

More 5K's and keeping the weight off

What advice do you have for people who are struggling to lose weight and want to get healthy?

Keep plugging.I was diagnosed with coronary disease when I was thirty years old and really never did anything thing about it until I was fifty six. Frankly,I was lucky I lived long enough to get there. Please, please keep trying and don't ever give up.There is a program out there that will work for you.My wife says I succeeded because I'm so stubborn, but I call it dedicated.Please pick a word and "BE IT".

Starting weight: 356 

Currently: 225


Healthy snack:Celery


Hobby:Sports (following not playing,not quite there yet)

Way to relax:Television

Cheat meal:Pizza

 Drink: Beer

TV show:Game of Thrones

Movie: Remember the Titans

Book:11/22/63 by Stephen King

Singer/Band:James Taylor

Sports team:Boston Celtics

Body part: At my age anything that doesn't hurt

Workout song:Uptown Girl by Billy Joel ????

Mantra:Don't quit

Guilty pleasure:Beer Again

Quote: "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend." Albert Camus

Peter and friends before his first 5K

It's always great to hear success stories about weight loss and healthy living to inspire others. It's wonderful that people have so many options to help them lose the weight and reach their goals! Our family is super proud of Peter that he is happy, healthy and inspiring others. 


  1. Inquiring minds want to know: which diet did Peter follow?
    (but GREAT JOB BTW!!!)