Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unmotivated Series #1: Meet Julie

Last week I mentioned that I was going to focus on people who are struggling with motivation. My first responder was one of my best friends, Julie.

Julie and I both felt confident here in 2007

She has been struggling for awhile now and looking for support. I asked her for some full length pictures so we can compare in three months and guess what? SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY. Why? Like me, she hides her body. We take pictures sitting down, or close up of our face or Julie's favorite, hiding behind one of her daughters. Every time we take pictures now, we also yell: "Waist up!" so we don't have to see our full length selves. She was hesitant to send me the current pictures, but she gave in and sent me them. I also had her send me pictures of when she felt the most confident about herself.

Why did you want to be chosen for this 'Unmotivated" blog series?

I have been struggling for the past couple weeks with my eating and exercise habits. I was hoping getting it out there and talking about it might help get me over this hump.


What goals do you want to achieve in the next three months?

I would like to start eating healthier with more veggies and less sugar. I also want to work on my strength training and running. I want to become stronger and have more endurance.

What have been your biggest obstacles when you are trying to achieve your goals?

My biggest obstacle is myself, unfortunately. I can talk myself into or out of anything, especially eating well and exercising.

What will you try different this time around to get healthy that you
haven't tried before?

I am going to focus on yoga and strength training. I normally focus on cardio, but enjoy strength training and yoga more. Why not put my energy into something I enjoy?

What triggers your unhealthy decisions?

Stress, over-tiredness, and sometimes nothing at all!

How will your attempt to overcome these triggers?

I have not yet figured that one out. I am hoping yoga will help me relax and become more in tune with my body. I am also going to try and blog more often so that I can vent and share my feelings.  Any ideas anyone has would be much appreciated :)

Which is tougher for you: eating well or working out?

Eating, definitely. I am really not so great at either, but I feel like my eating habits are much more detrimental to my wellbeing then lack of exercise.

Do you have a plan to help get yourself when you are feeling unmotivated?

I usually try and make small goals for myself then little by little make them bigger and bigger. Meeting goals small or big definitely help with my motivation!

Explain the pressure, if any, that you feel to lose weight?

I put a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight. After having two kids pretty close together my body is different than if ever has been. I have a whole new set of trouble areas and things to think about.

What are your strengthens and weakness when it comes to losing weight
and staying healthy?

My strength seems to knowledge. I read a ton on the subject and know a good  amount of information. My weakness is following through. I will do great for awhile and then one little slip and I am done for.

Who inspires you? (Family? Friends? Celebrity? ) and why?

My friends inspire me the most. Jen because she sets goals with her running and does whatever she can to reach them. 5Ks, half marathons, marathons--she is unstoppable! Jess because when she puts her mind to something she tends to stick with it. It sounds silly, but one of the biggest things that impresses me is when she decides that she is no longer going to eat out she sticks with it. She has even eaten out with me and my kids and not gotten anything! I don't think I will ever have that kind of will power. And above all they both support me in every way possible!

Celebrity wise, I just love Mindy Kaling. She has never apologized for her size and wears what makes her feel good. I could use just an ounce of her confidence.

What questions do you have for people who have succeed in their weight
loss goals?

Does healthy eating come naturally for you or is it work?
When you decide to go off track how to you get your mindset to eating healthy again?
What is more important to your success eating healthy or exercising?

Do you have a reward when you reach your three month goal?

I don't. I have tried a reward program before and it just doesn't work for me. I tend to just saw screw it and give myself the reward anyway. Sounds awful, but I do it in the hopes that it will help make me feel better which means I am essentially rewarding my bad behavior.


Healthy snack: almonds and a cheese stick

Workout: yoga

Hobby: I really don't have one at the moment. Between work and the kids my downtime is usually spent relaxing with my husband and just watching TV.

Way to relax: see above :)

Cheat meal: Pizza or spaghetti

Drink: Diet Pepsi (I also enjoy the occasional beer!)TV show: 30 Rock, Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec--I know none of these are on actual TV anymore, but Netflix is a wonderful, wonderful thing :)

Movie: Pitch Perfect, While You Were Sleeping, Moulin Rouge, Trainwreck

Book: True Colors by Kristin Hannah,  Animal Dreams and The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

Singer/Band: Jack Johnson, Alicia Keys, Adele, and Justin Timberlake

Workout song: "Work That" by Mary J Blige

Mantra: "You can do this"--not terribly inventive, but when I run I say each word as my feet hit the ground and it helps push me to go just a little farther or a little faster

Guilty pleasure: A really good meal at a restaurant. (surprise, surprise!)

Quote: "If you can't say something nice about yourself. Practice" fb/joy of dad. I just read this recently on an Instagram post and it really spoke to me. It is definitely something I need to start doing.

Body part: Hmmm...maybe my nose????

So, follow Julie on Twitter and check out her blog that she promises she will update regularly. 

What advice would you give to Julie? What answers do you have for her questions: Does eating healthy come naturally for you or is it work? When you decide to go off track how to you get your mindset to eating healthy again? What is more important to your success eating healthy or exercising?

We will check in with Julie in three months and see how she is doing. Please show some support and check out her blog and follow her on Twitter. She would appreciate some support! 

If you are interested in being part of my Unmotivated Series, let me know! 


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