Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Unmotivated Cinnamon Bun

This week was busy work wise and I didn't have a bit of motivation to to work out at all for some reason. It was awful. The first time I tried, I turned my alarm off, the second time and I totally forgot to set it and then on Saturday I totally blew it off, I even contemplated sleeping with my running clothes on.

I have a feeling what was wrong with me this week. I have an electric blanket and it is so amazing. I can't stand cold weather and I am in love with my electric blanket. It is so hard to get up early when I'm all wrapped up like a cinnamon bun and have to get dressed and run at 5am in dark and cold streets of Garner.

Well of course since I had no motivation this week, something happened that has me now chopping at the bit to run. Yesterday, I saw that one of the dogs pissed at the bottom of the stairs and went down the stairs to clean it up. I didn't realize that the piss puddle was freaking huge and I slipped, fell, and cracked both my knees on the floor. I immediately started to cry because damn it hurt. I was terrified because I was afraid I tore something. The last thing my bad knee needs is a third surgery. Luckily, I didn't tear anything, but it has swelled up and is very tender to the touch. It hurts to bend it, but I know it's going to be fine in a few days. So, now that I know I should rest it and stay off it for a few days, and now I'm just dying to get out there.
So, there are two races coming up in April that you should consider signing up for. One is the Not So Normal Race Weekend April 2-3 2016 where all the proceeds go to local charities. I'll be running the half relay with my friend, Angie. The second one, is the Angels Among Us 5K at Duke Medical Campus in Durham on April 23, 2016. The proceeds for to research for brain cancer. You can join our team, Take That, Tumors!, share our link, donate or just wish us well!

Take That Tumors 2015
Also, make sure you check out my new "Ambassador" tab above and take a look at the great companies and races I'll be representing this year. Medi-dyne has given me a special 20% code for all my followers for 2016, so take advantage! 

Have a great week! 


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