Monday, February 1, 2016

Grab Your Leg Warmers, Sweatbands and Fanny Packs

This weekend was so beautiful, it was so warm....well, except on Saturday when our running group met up. It was twenty eight degrees when we started out....brrrrr! Our running group was celebrating our one year anniversary, so it fun to get together with a couple of the girls. Our theme this month was eighties. I ordered a bright pink pair of leg warmers, matching sweatband and wristbands. Rachel and I walked because my knee is still messed up and Rachel was recovering from pneumonia. Julie took off like a freaking cheetah and made us look bad.

We also took the dogs to the Garner dog park and they had a blast. I haven't seen Jager run around in years and he was running around like crazy. It was so great to see! 

This week I'll be testing out the Medi-Dyne Prostretch Plus. The Prostretch Plus is used to increase flexibility and help provide a deep and effective stretch. The Prostretch Plus will help you heal and prevent tight hamstrings, shin splints, tight calf muscles, calf strains, Achilles Tendonitis, weak knee and ankles, heel spurs and Sever's Disease.  I'm really looking forward to trying this product because I had a horrible time with shin splints and tight calves while training for the NYC marathon and I'm hoping to avoid that again. 

Don't forget that my Medi-Dyne 20% off discount code is good until March 28, 2016, so head over to their site and check out their products!

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