Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dry Needling, Possums and Medals, Oh, My!

I had an interesting week running wise. On Monday, I had dry needling done on my leg at PT and it wasn't pleasant. My physical therapist stuck little needles in the front and back of my lower leg, at my trigger points. The points cramps up (OW!) and then releases, I felt a difference pretty much immediately. After my session, I was taped up and told to that I would be sore, but to take walks, foam roll etc. I got out of my car after PT and nearly fell over. It was very painful and I was almost limping, I was definitely worried for the next day's run.

I woke up Tuesday morning and my leg felt great! I had some pain but nothing like I have been dealing with. I did four miles in under a hour (54:49), it was my fastest four miles since I started training for NYC.

Thursday's run didn't go well at all. I was feeling a little funny, kinda headachy and nauseous. I started running and started to dry heave and I couldn't stop. It was really annoying. As I came to a stop, I noticed a dead possum near me, but as I got closer it sprang up and scared the shit out of me. I thought they were supposed to play possum when "danger" came near, needless to say, I ran away. Gross animals. Since I couldn't stop dry heaving, I only did 3.5 miles and walked a 49:28.

On Friday night, we went to Raleigh Runner Outfitters to get some information on nutrition because when I went to my nutritionist, she said I would benefit from salt/electrolytes during my run. I usually just run with gummy bears and pretzels, but because my hands swell so much running running, she suggested salt. The people who work at RRO are always super helpful and I left with a few different choices. The women who helped me said that GU is a good choice, but I told her that I had a hard time with it because, well, it is gross. She suggested putting them in the freezer and then taking them out right before you run so they aren't so thick. Brilliant!  

When I was checking out, I noticed a flyer for Race 13.1 at North Hills in Raleigh. I knew I had fifteen on tap for the next day, so I figured, why not get up at 5am do two miles and then head out to Raleigh and do my tenth half marathon. So, that is what I did. I got up at five and did two miles in 27:31 (my fastest two miles since I started training) and my leg felt fine. I got to North Hills and got there just in time to get my bib, stretch and get to the start line.

The course was really nice the first ten or a eleven miles and I even broke a few records since I started training: fastest mile: 12:03, fastest 5K 40:18, 10K 1:22:24 and 13.1 3:09 although my time chip said 3:08. I saw a few people I know including, Jen, who ran/mostly walked the last couple miles with me. It was super nice of her because I was struggling with those hills. She pushed me along and helped distract me from my stupid shin that starting acting up about mile nine. She asked her about her races and training and it was fun getting to know her. I don't run with a lot of people because I'm so slow, but it was great having her support! 

According to my Garmin, I burned almost 1,600 calories during the race, so we met up with our friends at the Garner Ale House and chowed down. I got spinach and cheese dip and BBQ wings. The service wasn't great (I don't think out waitress even listened to us at all. She forgot my wings, screwed up our bills, got some of our orders wrong etc), but the food was great, so I guess it evened out-haha!

Today I'm just hanging out and watching football. Since I can't get the Pats game, I'm watching (urgh) the Panthers. Matt has been working hard getting out yard together and clearing out a spot for our patio. The dogs have been helping me a lot.

This week, I hoping my leg will feel better and hoping to keep improving my times. I have another PT session on Wednesday. Only 41 days until NYC!

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