Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beaching It

This week was pretty great because we were on vacation at Myrtle Beach with our friends. Before we left on Tuesday, I got in my 3.5 mile run in. It has been crazy humid, so I still has some issues. I did it in 53:08. I did better when I ran in Myrtle Beach, I did 4 miles in 59:32. My goal has been to do at least four miles a hour, so I was pretty happy with my time.

We had a great week relaxing by the pool, playing in the ocean, seeing dolphins and hanging out. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

We got home early Saturday and debated whether or not to do my long run that afternoon or wait til Sunday morning. I was pretty exhausted, but I really wanted to have a lazy Sunday, so I decided to head out to the Clayton Greenway. It was tough, but I was happy because my hip didn't hurt at all and my foot only hurt a bit. I was mortified by my time (3:20), but I got it done and fully enjoyed my pizza for dinner. 

Today was nice because we slept in, did an errand, and then I prepped food for the week. I'll be working hard on my diet this week after eating total garbage last week at the beach. Matt is prepping my chicken, but I weighed out nuts, cooked my spinach and peas, and then I made two batches of the protein balls. I enjoyed watching Friends while I got things ready.

I was looking through our mail and I noticed the magazine and I started to look through it and saw us! It was taken at opening day at the North Garner Dog Park, you can see both Sammy and Roxy, Kelli's dog. There is our five seconds of fame-haha! 

So, that's about it! Only 48 days until the NYC marathon, I can't believe it!


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