Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Challenging Week

I'm feeling a bit down and unmotivated, so this week has been mentally challenging for me. I feel very blah, down in the dumps and tired. I'm ready to get NYC done. I'm pushing through though!

I woke up on Tuesday almost a half hour AFTER my alarm went off. I tried to stand up and my bad leg wouldn't hold me, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Probably should've gotten up did yoga or the bike, but falling back asleep seemed like a better idea to me.

Wednesday I had PT and dry needling hurt even more than last week, my leg is tight and painful. We are just trying to get through til my race and then after NYC I'll be taking a break from running to get my body healthy, and yes, that includes losing some serious weight. I'd like my next race to be Kiawah next December, hopefully with some friends and family. It is a nice flat course, so hopefully I'll PR. I just want my leg to stop hurting. Thursday I got up and did a pretty painful three miles in 56:08, pretty uneventful.

 Saturday I had sixteen miles ahead of me. My physical therapist set me up with another runner who is running NYC. She is having training issues because of an injury and thought we could chat and maybe run together. We conversed over email and decided to meet up Saturday, I had sixteen to do and she had at least twelve, depending on her injury. She keep telling me over and over that she was slow and stopped a lot to walk, and I kept telling her it wasn't an issue because I'm super slow and walk.....a lot-haha.
So, we met at 6:30am and started out. I don't where she got that she was slow came from, because she SMOKED me. She would run to where I could barely see her and then turn around to meet me and we would chat. We ran all around downtown, it was a great route because there was so much to see. During one of chats she revealed that she was freaking sixty-five years old! I couldn't believe it! No freaking way. I was getting smoked by a bad ass sixty-five year old. She is an amazing athlete!
After she got her miles in, I headed out to the greenway to finish my last few miles. It started to rain harder and I got slower and slower. I finally finished at 4:11:18 and I felt like that if I HAD to do 10.2 more miles, I could do. Did I want to? HELL NO! Will I on November 1st? Yes! I am surprised because I didn't feel as sore as I have been feeling after long runs, which is a nice change. My leg held up ok during the sixteen, but still was pretty painful. I'm wondering if I would benefit from a cortisone shot a few days prior to the race. I've only have two cortisone shots before, both in my knee before races) and it helped a lot.

Last night we had our friends over and I wanted the girls to try out my Jamberry stuff I ordered. It was actually easier than I thought to put on, but already one my thumbs is peeling. They have really cute wraps, I have some picked out for hockey season, Halloween and my NYC race. 

Julie painted her daughter's nails

Only 34 days til NYC, I'm getting tempted to buy at least the gloves because they are really cool. The fall stuff is definitely nicer than their summer stuff. I didn't buy any summer gear because I can't justify spending $28 on a short sleeved running shirt.


  1. I'm so glad I came across this blog :) I turn 34 this Weds (the 30th) and my goal before my 35th birthday is to complete a 1/2 marathon! I've never done one. I can't even run a mile right now but I'm just starting couch to 5k :) I definitely love reading running blogs because it gives me motivation!! Any advice for a newbie runner?

  2. Hey @shannonbookhardt! Thanks for commenting! Couch to 5K is a great way to start! I wish I would've done that, I jumped right into a half marathon! Things I wish I would've done when I started to run were: cut toenails every week, strength twice a week, invest in good running sneakers (go to a running store), and bodyglide and/or 2Toms.

  3. haha yes, I learned the hard way about the toe nail cutting thing already when one of my toenails sliced the side of another toe...and I didn't even think they were that long!! What are 2Toms? I do have a running store here and plan to get some good shoes ASAP :) What half marathons have you done? I'm thinking of doing next years Air Force Marathon in Ohio since it's a week or 2 before my next birthday and in the city I grew up in so I can stay with my parents :)

    1. 2Toms are another antichafing brand. I've done 10 half marathons ( and working on my first marathon. Smart, I did the NH one BC I could stay with my parents too :)