Sunday, September 6, 2015

Always Listen To Your Coach

It was an interesting week because I was anxiously awaiting to be told I could start running again. I went to PT and my physical therapist told me what I already knew, I'm weak. Ever since I had my two knee surgeries, I've had trouble figuring out what exercises to do to help me get stronger. She told me that my hips were especially weak and I would have to do resistance band exercises every other day. My main exercise is the clam shell, shown below. She also said, if she had it her way, I wouldn't be running for eight to ten weeks so we could work on strengthening, but since NYC is in seven weeks, that obviously isn't an option. She also did a gait analysis which was tougher than I thought it was going to be, because I actually don't remember ever running on a treadmill. I've walked on one, but I don't ever remember running on one. My gait wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. In a few weeks, we will check again after strengthening for a few weeks.
Thankfully, I got her blessing to run, so on Tuesday I headed out at 5am. I did two miles very slowly (30:32) virtually pain free. I was pretty excited to be out there and training again!

On Thursday, I decided to do three miles (46:23), and it wasn't pretty. First off, it was 100% humidity, that's right 100% humidity. It was brutal! I was through a GIANT spiderweb and completely lost my shit because I've seen the spiders here in NC and they are thick and gross. I ended up ripping off my reflective vest in panic and it is now unwearable. I felt like there were spiders clawing all over me and had to keep pulling the web off of me for the rest of the run. DISGUSTING. 

Friday I went to see a nutritionist at Rex Wellness Center and went really well. Our insurance plan allows unlimited nutritional counseling, so I was really excited to hear that. If you have interest in seeing a nutritionist, call your insurance like I did and see what your benefits are. I have a much better understanding on how to fuel and was given a generous calorie range. Our goal now isn't to lose weight, it is to stay stable. After NYC, we will focus on losing weight so I can get healthier and faster. 

On Saturday, I set my alarm for 5am and get ready for my run. I was trying out new CW-X compression pants and my new Zensah socks. My pants were fantastic, but the socks were a bust. I took off my sock to get some rocks out of my sneakers around mile six, I realized there was a hole and a blister was forming. I'm pretty disappointed and will contact the company, because socks aren't cheap. 

My run started out great, I went to the Clayton Greenway because I wanted flat for my first run back. My water and fueling were on point and I was feeling pretty good. I saw a bunch of deer walking around which was cool. I was feeling pain free and decided that I would do twelve instead of ten because I was walking a lot and running very slow. BAD IDEA. Always listen to your coach, because my run quickly turned into a shit show.  Around mile eight, my hip and my bad leg started to hurt. By mile nine, it hurt to touch my hip, but my leg felt better. By mile ten, I was a mess. I was limping heavily because of my hip and called my parents so they could distract me while I tried to finish the rest of the mileage, which I thank them so much for! I had about a mile left when I felt a sharp sting on on my leg, I got stung by something! Now, I was pissed. Why was this happening to me? I starting getting stressed out because I was barely walking, in a lot of pain and had bad stomach cramps. Urgh! Awful run. I have a new hatred for running. I had serious doubts about being able to finish NYC, but it was good I pushed through the frustration and finished. I will finish NYC no matter what. I might be last, but I will finish no matter how much pain I might be in! 

I got home, got in the shower and realized I was chafed. That did it! I went on the couch and decided not to leave it all day. Matt got me some ice for my leg and hip and also made me a delicious breakfast of eggs and a bagel. I slept, relaxed, iced and watched The Simpsons. I feel better now, but it definitely knocked me down a few pegs. I WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO MY COACH. 

I woke up this morning and I was stiff and sore, especially my hip. I'm so mad at myself that I overdid. Live and learn, I guess. The plan for the rest of the week is to be vigilant on my exercises and go easy with my run on Tuesday and Thursday. We will be on vacation, so I'll also try and get in some deep water jogging. Hope everyone has a great week! Only 55 days until NYC!


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