Monday, August 31, 2015

Trip To New Hampshire

We had such a great weekend up in New Hampshire with my family. On Thursday, we woke up early and met some family for breakfast. It was really nice to catch up!

After breakfast, we headed out to Boston. We walked around the city and then went on the Duck Tour. It was great, our tour guide was funny and informative. We saw all the sites and then went to Faneuil Hall. We enjoyed pizza, lobster rolls and chowder. Later, we met my uncle at the Harvard Club and had a delicious dinner. 

Friday was super busy and fun. We drove up to Meredith, NH and took the train into the Weirs Beach and then got on the Mount Washington. We toured the lake and then headed back to the Weirs and got to walk around for a hour. We went to our old lake house and dock and it was bittersweet. I had amazing fun memories there and now it looks all green and run down. We had a great time reminiscing and checking out the old hang outs.

After our day at the Weirs, we went to CHS's Jamboree at Gill Stadium. My brother is an assistant coach so it was cool to see him on the sidelines. 

After the game, we met Jules at the Backroom and enjoyed their amazing mudslides and chicken tenders. Jules surprised me with a new running shirt and a cool picture of Guinness.

On Saturday, we had a cookout and I got to see a lot of our friends and family. Denise made some fun orange slice jello shots. Here are a few shots from the party, including a fantastic painting that my godmother, Donna, had Derek paint for us.

We had a wonderful time in visiting NH and seeing everyone. Here are a few final pictures right before we left for Raleigh.

Today was my first PT session and it went well. My leg has been feeling pretty well, so I was hoping today my therapist would say that I could run. My therapist basically told me I'm weak, pretty much from the hips down. She said normally she wouldn't have someone with my issues run for about eight to ten weeks, but since we are on a tight schedule with NYC coming up in seven weeks, I'm off and running tomorrow! She had me run on the treadmill for a gait analysis and it was pretty tough. That is because I have never ran on a treadmill, I have only walked. I was really nervous because I was pretty sure I was going to fly off it. How does anyone run on a treadmill? It was awful! Why would people do that to themselves? My analysis showed me favoring my right side a bit and of course, the hip weakness. One thing going for me because I'm heavy, I don't bounce straight up and down like lighter runners. She made it very clear I have to do my exercises very other day, no excuses. I'm going to start tonight and then head out for an easy two tomorrow, I'm really excited to start training again. 61 days til NYC! 

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  1. What a great trip! The chicken tenders ARE amazing :)