Sunday, August 23, 2015

Caution: Injured Runner, May Bite!

This week, running wise, hasn't been the best. I went to Impact Ortho and saw Dr. Jones, he was really cool, until he told me that I couldn't run for two weeks--haha. Seriously, he is great and hopefully with his help, I'll be running NYC in a few short months. He seems to think I have shin splints, although I've had shin splints before and they have never been this painful and have always gone away in a few days. This pain has lasted about two months and has gotten a bit worse. The concern is that I still may have a stress fracture because they sometimes don't show up six to eight week later. He suggested that I cross train and not run for at least two weeks. I will start PT on August 31st and start some dry needling and a possible gait analysis. He asked if my hips had been hurting, and I said no. He had me stand up and balance and I don't know what part of my hip he hit, but I nearly went thru the roof. I didn't even know my hips were weak! So, I've been a bit frustrated because, of course, I want to run and can't. I'm irritated, snappy, anxious, and even a bit depressed. I'm right in the middle of training and should be doing fourteen to fifteen miles coming up and the fact that I'm not, sucks. I have yet to do any cross training, but I'm slowly getting over my whole moping around because I can't run phase. I've got to stay positive!

I have been trying to stay motivated for NYC, so I've been searching the internet for NYC marathon tips, blogs, YouTube videos, and places to see and eat while we are there. I'm hoping we will get tickets to see Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers while we are there. If you have any suggestions about the marathon or NYC in general, please post below in the comment section.

It was weird not getting up for a long run yesterday, but it was nice to sleep in a bit. We got up early because we were meeting our friends to celebrate our friend, Julie's, birthday at Cape Fear River Adventures. We had a lot of fun! We were all in tubes and it took about five hours to get down the river. I thought it would be a lazy adventure, but I definitely ended up getting in some serious cross training in! I also got a horribly painful Charlie horse on the river. Oh, my god, it was so awful, I was in tears because I couldn't stand up. Here are some shots from our day on the river:

In other news, I was chosen to be an ambassador for the Not So Normal Run in April and I'm pretty excited. I'm not sure what race I'm going to do yet, but I'm leaning towards the 5K or the half. If you are interested in running with me, let me know! It is going to be a lot of fun, if you sign up for the half or the full you get a medal, a recovery jacket and sport nutritionist approved recovery food and drink. You can sign up for the 5K, the half, the full or get a few friends and do the relay! Check out their website! I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the community!
I've been thinking about going back to school for Criminal Justice. I"ve always wanted to work in CJ, I even worked as an intern at  US Probation when I was in college. I've been looking ECU and SNHU for online classes. SNHU has a Criminal Justice program with a speciality in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism that I'm leaning towards. We will see what happens, going back to school is a big decision. 

So, that is about it. We've got a fun week ahead, so next week's blog will be pretty busy!

Here's another NYC inspirational YouTube video I found, I love the song from The Killers!


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