Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Won The Lottery And I Could Use Some Help

So, a few months ago entered the NYC marathon lottery thinking, "Wow, what an experience that would be!" I entered only knowing that this marathon was in New York, that's it. I literally knew nothing else. I didn't know the course. I didn't know where it started. I didn't know about the ferry. I didn't know hotels were hundreds of dollars a night. I didn't know the stress of lottery day. I didn't know the race was the day after our twelfth wedding anniversary.

I woke up lottery day and started reading tweets. People were beyond excited to get in and heartbroken when they found out that they didn't get in. As the day progressed, the more anxious I got. I don't think I understood what a huge deal this was to runners around the world. I read that if your credit card got charged you were in, well, that was a problem for me because I had no idea what my password was for my account. When I got home, I hunted around and found it. I logged on and there it was:

I wished someone had a camera on my face because I would've loved to seen it. I immediately felt hot, then cold and then felt like I was going to vomit. I was the eighteen percent, I won the NYC marathon lottery. 

I felt happy, nervous, guilty, overwhelmed, excited, panicky, proud, and vomit-y all a once and still do. I do know a few things about the race now: it goes thru all five boroughs of New York, it starts in Staten Island and ends in Central Park, and most people have recommended getting on the ferry two hours prior to corral time. That's about it. I have no idea where to stay, how to get where I need to, and how to stay calm in the next eight months without driving everyone I know crazy. 

If anyone has ANY advice about this race or NYC in general, it would be much appreciated. I've tried a marathon once before and didn't finish, so this one I'm determined to finish! I love to hear about your race experiences in NYC, where you stayed, where your family cheered you on, where you ate, etc etc etc. Oh, and yes, please share this blog via facebook, twitter etc. The more shares the better! 

I'm terrified and excited for this new adventure, so thanks for picking me New York! 


  1. Excited for you - what a fabulous experience!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

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