Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Have Been Slacking On The Blogging

I've been slacking in so many ways the past couple of weeks. I haven't blogged in awhile and I think it's mostly because I really hate sitting at my laptop. I hate sitting in front of a computer in general, but there is something about a laptop doesn't entice me at all.

Last weekend, Matt's family came in and we have a great visit. We went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and saw the dinosaur exhibit and the live butterfly exhibit.

This weekend we had our 2nd group run of the year, we had to cancel last month due to all the snow and ice. We met at Lake Lynn and Angie caught quite a bit of wildlife on her camera. The wooden bridges were VERY icy from the night before. I was very happy that no one busted their ass! 

This week I start my base training for the NYC marathon. My coach wants me to get up to ten easy miles by June. My plan is to run three days a week, strength train twice a week, use the stationary bike nightly for recovery and work on stretching. My body is old needs to be stretched and foam rolled if I'm going to get thru this race strong. I have lost fifteen pounds and hoping to lose fifteen more by June. Only 216 more days until race day! 


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